Um u folks at pg messed up

U folks know we can only hold 2.7 right welll

@Arelyna @PGChocolate @Crisis u made a mistake

Dis has been brought to their attention a few hours ago.

Keep those panties knot free my friend :slight_smile:


Didnt see it in new :roll_eyes:

Could it be related at all to the fact that your title also has nothing to do with the subject matter at hand?

Titles matter.

Also helps people search.

Which i stated it the other day :laughing: need to hold more rss

Wheres other title, and they did mess up for starters

Which on top of them messing up they should of thrown a storage update in the mix as i stated the other day its really close

So where is this other post? So i can head there come on modddy link it its ur job :smile:

We’re already looking into it and working on a fix.