Umm, I’m overrun with hats!


@Arelyna you might want to look into this. :rofl:


Yeah, im having the same issue


And it’s going up insanely fast. This is about two minutes later:


The hat rate is going crazy :joy: you can’t use them tho. You need to manually put in 1600 for the first go and that’s it sadly :yum:


Aw, you beat someone to the forums :laughing:


Lol. My leader said “Build build build!”


Oh you’ve GOT to be kidding me. I was mere SECONDS from posting about this.


Sorry bud. :cry:


Problem is now you don’t know when you’re actually full :expressionless::expressionless:


I’m guessing PG tested all day, couldn’t fix it, activated the upgrade the. Turned off the office lights on the wait out the door all the while patting each other on the back that they achieved the most unplayable update yet.


I’m having the same issue. Do we all have Atlas elite? Someone speculated that it may be an issue with that.


Nope. I’m non-elite and same issue. Workaround until they unscrew it is to train 1 troop to see how many you have then manually type that number in. Training the 1 troop resets the counter.


Except if still progresses at ridiculous rates… you wanna really fix it? Buy atlas elite that fixes it… go figure


This seems fixed now.


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