Unable to accept team invitation

Can someone help When I am trying to join other guilds it sayunable to join invitation. it keep on saying you must have internet to play, even I reinstalled game :man_facepalming:t2:

I had this issue when I was sitting on team by myself. if that is the case you need fo disband then accept. if that is not the case then u need to contact support.

@SuzzQ is correct. This is an issue if you are the only person in a guild. In this person’s case the issue was solved when @TheRedDelilah donated one of her alts to set the original poster of the linked thread free.

What team are you on? I might have some other alts floating around. @PGJared @PGCrisis @Arelyna this is a huge issue.


I am on Team0638

Disband in the sense

We just ran into this ourselves it shows he joined the team numerous times but we still had an empty spot … of course we had a war declared lucky it was only 1! I wasn’t online at the time but honestly I probably wouldn’t have remembered this issue anyway … the other problem is it won’t let him apply it said it was closed when I looked it says auto accept which isn’t right either and it won’t let me change it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::expressionless:

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It’s a bug for when the last person is on the team. It won’t let the team disband, which is a major bug. When I get home, I will look at my list of alts and see if I can throw one on the team in the OP and help.

My guy was able to disband so they must’ve fixed it? However the issue remains that most don’t know about the stipulation that the team be disbanded first

Some are glitched out. My alt is in a team, alone, and when I press the disband button the game has a sync error and just restarts. Tried it 5-6 different times.

Ugh well I count myself lucky then that he didn’t have that problem

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Maybe something going on with team hall?

Can’t edit areas in team hall either. It won’t let you hit the arrow and change Auto Accept/Review only or any of the other things

Same issue but u can get around it by tapping an arrow save the edit and go see if it’s the settings u want…

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I am able to accept invitation after disbanding the current team with only person

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We’ve had this issue with several players we have recruited. We have been emailing them & suggesting to leave the team which some will answer, eager for the assistance, but others do not & give up. Several times they have had to wait until an event is over before they could leave & accept the invitation. It’s another irritating bug/glitch that makes it hard on the recruiting teams & on the players themselves that want to be part of an active guild. One more thing to runoff players.

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