Unable To Access Forums In-game

@PGJared @Arelyna
Myself and several others are unable to access forums from the in game button; we just get this:

Doesn’t matter whether I’m on LTE or WiFi, and I can access forums fine from safari.


Same here earlier.

Works for me. What devices?

The phone I use is iPhone 6s and this sentence is longer than 10 characters.

It’s not working for me either on both my iPhone 8 and iPad pro.

Hmm. That was my iPhone 8 plus on data. I’ll check my iPad when I get to wifi.

I’m on Android, having same issue. :cry:

I have login screen open when i access them in game. I have to login everytime! might be due to me switching accounts on device but not sure of real reason.

Woot! I’m back! But my avatar is missing… :thinking:

Thank goodness this is fixed!

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The issue with the avatar being missing should be fixed now.

Wait… you can access the forums in-game? :joy::joy:

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I’m having an issue with not staying logged in. I must type my I fo each time. And it’s not guaranteed to let me in with proper password

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