Unable to attack/ defend atlas attacks

How many troops should we loose before before PG fixes this?

Allthe support tickets are getting closed with zero resolution.

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Suggest Atlas PVP should be disabled for all castles till it’s resolved.


This is ridiculous, didn’t they say they fixed it the last time it happened?
Seriously thinking about quitting this game, it is bad enough when you have too many issue but when the same problems keeping happening that’s just too much.

PG doesn’t actually fix things, they patch things to make them worse.

Normally I would say it is PG Tuesday but it is already Wednesday here…

Same issue here and (counter) attacking would not work either due to “we are updating our system” messages. It is ridiculous and annoying!

And I bet we do not get the lost troops refunded…

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Yes, I agree this seriously impacts wars and makes them winnable in situations where they should not be.

Ritieniti fortunato, io (come molti altri) non posso aprire Atlas da 3 mesi…

Now I’m getting the issue too. Can’t defend my own castle.

The only upside is the poor attacker seems stuck too. They’re still there with no attack showing :joy: in our battle log.

Aaaaaand now my player has lost 5k troops cos somehow they found someone they could hit while I still could not snipe them to stop them. :woman_facepalming:

Please address this quickly PG!


Since you are the new community manager, I guess, it’s appropriate to tag you in this case. Support team isn’t helpful at all.

Certain players can hit in Atlas, that can’t be defended and if you want to counter attack, you get the endless traveling bug. So there is nothing you can do to protect your teams troops in these cases.

And what makes it even worse from a players/customers perspective, the support declines to refund the troops lost in these attacks. So each individual player and with them the their teams are punished for a mistake in your product. In my job, if I make a mistake, I refund my customers and normally go the extra mile to keep them happy.

So you might want to get in touch with your support team and have a chat about how to run a business and keep customers happy. This is an area, where PG sadly underperforms on a very regular basis.


Agreed. We get that mistakes happen. But ones that cost players and teams resources (troops, diamonds to speed revive and speed to location to defend only to be blocked from being able to hit), and position (regular wars league ranking) should be quickly acknowledged as credit-worthy.

Thank you

There is something a little irritating in watching the same players we usually counter wandering in over and over again knowing there’s no way to hit back.

Looks like when they removed the double xp in a forced update they undid their hotfix.

lol would be typical and not the first time… :see_no_evil:

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