Unable to attack poachers in NML


Getting this error when trying to mine poachers in nml


Dumb question but are there any enemy primarchs on the castle you are currently at? Or are you all alone by yourself?


Same issue, other primarchs present in NML & no enemy primarchs at any of team’s castles.


Thought this was always an issue. Move to another castle with no other primachs or go to a neutral zone?


I believe you could attack a mine even with other primes on the same nml castle as yourself. This restriction is new and I think related to the disabled pvp currently active.


Not usually an issue, always been able to hit poachers in NML with other primes present.


I just have gotten it when we boot an alt and it suddenly becomes an enemy primach sitting at our castle. I only hang out in NML when looking for glory. Sorry


Not dumb at all. I moved my primarch to a “starred” fighting zone for the shards. Every castle in those regions are occupied. I’ve never had an issue of attacking poacherswhile parked next to an enemy in the past. For me, tbis is a new issue


No apology needed :blush:


annoying af…it is NO MAN’S LAND not some team castle and we get this error…i wanna know which genius thought this…


Being the first at a NML castle is the only way to currently hit poachers without having to kill all other primz there…maybe I’m dreaming but im sure this was a issue awhile ago, Maybe at the start of atlas dayz :thinking:


it wasnt like that till 4.38 update u could go any NML and hit poachers no matter how many prims on same castle there it is No Man’s Land after all…


This is a new issue, and very annoying.


Issue persists, after support assures me that it was related to disabled PvP & that I am NOW able to attack - which is NOT the case!


Bumping as the problem still persists
Are there any plans to change this?


This was part of the old King Pin event. You could lock down a King Pin, which behaved like a Poacher, and you needed to kill all enemy Primarch to hit and “control” the King Pin.


This is a question regarding the :star:️ red zones; Mystical, Nought, Empire and Chaos. The level 4 poachers there give significantly better amounts of dark shards (3,778 on the first run) but typically there is at least 1 level 300+ primarch at every castle. Lower level players are at a disadvantage because either; we poach somewhere else with level 1 or 2 poachers and get much fewer dark shards, or wait and wait and wait until 1 of them leaves and then run in and kill the poachers and leave before they show up again. It’s not like we could run them off, like we are sometimes, because at a level 189 I can’t defeat a level 383 base, even backed by our highest level player.
Also, is there a plan to add some :star:️ red zones in the new land expansion? If you don’t have Atlas Elite it may take more than 8 minutes to get to the existing ones.


I think that’s the nature of the game to be honest. Higher poachers and shards are in higher tier lands. The higher level players are “guarding” them in an effort to obtain glory for their primarchs

I don’t think they have had higher tier NML since the original beta map, I could be wrong but I only remember seeing them in the old map segment. Even the past 2 expansions were T2 only I thought


thanks for the info. I used to park my fighter there when I first got atlas but got no attack so I switch to aligane lately


To dominate these :star:️ zones by parking there and bottlenecking the availability is a clever move but honestly why can’t all players of any level take their chances by travelling there, parking next to someone and still be able to mine the poachers. It is “no man’s land” afterall. The poachers should be accessible regardless of the population there. @PGJared can you offer anything on this topic?
Thank you