Unable to attack taunters blocking game play

Tonight, following the ‘new content’ that required a restart, numerous issues with being unable to join attack and defence banners were reported.

A few hours later, during an assault attempt, if was found that the top taunters on any team could not be hit. The loading screen would play, then instead of clearing and loading the players screen, a second duplicate but interminable loading screen was triggered.

The only way out of this screen was to quit the app and reload.

In a game where speed to complete is very important, having to reload a game is unacceptable.
Finding that the taunters remained unhittable is also unacceptable.

Numerous tickets have been logged for investigation with photo and video evidence.

A successful assault requires the clearing of taunters. Being blocked from doing so makes the atlas part of the game unplayable (at least at the serious level, invader still works :roll_eyes: ) until fixed.

Ticket 2020366


Teammates of mine are also having this problem.

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We’re having this problem as well. Makes Atlas super fun :joy::woman_facepalming:

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If you reported it, add your ticket number here
Same to you @Bea

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It’s not just taunters. I couldn’t hit other primarchs to.
At one castle was trying to hit a Sieger and just could not but I could hit either Taunter.

The primarchs are 100% on the castle. It’s definitely not a visual glitch. I was hit by one that I couldn’t hit.
Exiting the game coming back in does not work even after you die you can return to the castle and same thing happens on same primarchs.

I’ve tried everything to get around that stupid loading screen! I never really had this problem until 2 days ago.


I’m also having this problem and after 3 years of playing without issue they refuse to believe it’s on their end. Being told to change router setting etc. :man_facepalming:t2:

I’m not one for conspiracy theories but isn’t that about the time dread started losing castles? :man_shrugging:t3:

Ticket # 2020865

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This is an huge problem since breeding event started! Out of 10 prims you lucky if 1 or 2 can be attacked. But funny they can attack us while we cant? Cant even trap all prims. Either you stuck in neverending travel screen, or when finally one works, regular shots of dragons stop working! Thats an major issue and i wonder why there is nothing done by PG!

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Hi team, thanks for letting me know - your best bet will be to submit tickets. Once a minimum threshold of tickets has been hit, we definitely start to escalate a potential issue. My only recourse here is to go to support and tell them that this is happening (which I’ll do) but it would help me if they see those tickets coming in!

People get answered on tickets to check internet connection!
Support dont play the game, they dont even belong to PG.

I think you will find its a game wide issue
i may be wrong but it has been like it since 5.19.2 went out to Andriod while ios is still on 5.19.1

Shows again, PG dont play there own game :roll_eyes:

@PGGalileo so PG are aware of the issue
should you not consider disabling PvP in Atlas to make it a even playing field until this gets fixed

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That decision happens above me, which is probably a good thing. I have heard no whispers of disabling PVP.

so just the lucky few get to hit in Atlas
that makes no sense

most people don’t submit tickets about it so its not enough a flag for PG to bother looking into, regardless if its completely game breaking :roll_eyes:

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I passed it onto our support lead, so someone is definitely checking this out. In general, yes, tickets are always a good starting point for us!

What is the threshold? I know for a fact at least 6 have submitted tickets from my 5ta alone, and I’ve heard of others.


We started receiving reports of this last night and started with some investigation, but didn’t have the staff available at that hour to make much progress. We’ve been working on this since this morning as Atlas team’s highest priority.

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I appreciate what you’re saying here, but frankly I’m tired of submitting tickets and being told it’s on our end despite the fact that it’s a widespread issue in game

“Reload internet”
“Force restart game”
“Clear cache”

How bout PG just fix the game? :man_shrugging:t2:


I feel ya on the frustration bit. I know what it’s like to be on the banging-my-head-against-the-wall-do-i-have-to-submit-another-frakkin-ticket?! side of the equation. Luckily, if you look at PGEggToken’s note, they are working on this ASAP. The ticket thing actually works, even if it doesn’t feel like the most satisfying option a lot of the time.