Unable to back certain players?

Hey y’all :grin:… Been having a huge issue lately with joining certain players attacks mainly XP runs on higher bases like andy, and freexp280… I know, I know… Send a ticket… Which I have… Twice… And though they’ve been awesome and given me many solutions to try, nothing has really worked so far :disappointed_relieved: and for the ones that have, were temporary, or worked for one of the players I’ve had issue following, and not another… and when I tried the solution again when the problem returned, it didn’t work :see_no_evil:… I was wondering if anyone else ran into this issue and has a solution that worked, or that I haven’t tried yet… Any suggestions?

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To add a few details… I have a second acct on a separate device that works basically just fine… And works the same on either device… I only know because I’ve traded which device I used to see if it was just my tablet giving me the troubles or if it was another issue…I’ve uninstalled/ reinstalled several times, Cleared cache many times… Restarted my Wi-Fi router and device, (I have no issue with connection for anything else on the device) etc… Turned airplane mode on for 15 minutes, cleared cache rebooted after turning airplane mode off… Game and device are using the latest updates.
Its just frustrating not being able to back my players, and the waste of xp boosts etc, so its not only frustrating for myself, but my members as well. Not looking for reimbursement, just relief in it being more reliable in connecting with others attacks :see_no_evil:

What kind of error are you getting? :t_rex:

“Your device was unable to reach the attacker. This may be due to poor internet connection”

the 1st one swap out too fast for you to join and back up

I have the same problem! Though for me is one player from Australia :frowning: I can not even offer war back up!

Have you considered the possibility that the issue is with their device (the players you can’t back), not yours?

Edit: the fact that you can back other players runs is an important one. My next question is: can anyone else on your team back the same players you have issues following? If they can’t, that would be a good indication that the issue isn’t on your end.

Yeah… If they die or swap in the second or two you are establishing the connection, you will not connect.

They have to live long enough for you to be “there”. Which is not very long, but instant death/swap will often prevent you from joining. This is much more a problem for Android than iOS, but it is potentially a problem for anyone, regardless of device type.

No one else that I’m aware of is having this same issue in my team :see_no_evil: … No one has any issue backing me and since the back up is limited for the Andy base for these players (200+, 300+ players) I’m not aware if anyone else has an issue following them either, besides having them follow each others runs, when they are both available together

Typically happens in Android to iOS joins . Android lags joining iOS and iOS lags joining Android . As Savage said, being there long enough is the only way .

Andy in particular is a good example. The base is large, has many runes, has all research, and as a result, takes longer to load. Also, pretty much any not endgame dragon will die immediately.

Combine that with iOS and Android, and you will likely find you cannot follow on that base for anyone who is not using the same OS you are. Unless they can live for at least a few seconds.

I’m sorry, there is not really anything you can do other than find another base that will give the one you are backing full XP.

I don’t know, but I am interested in the answer to this question. I used to be on the same team with my alt and I had the worst time trying to follow myself on xp runs. I couldn’t figure out if it was because we were on the same wifi and somehow overloading it or if the device my alt is running on is just too crappy. I even bought a better device for my alt but it didn’t fix the problem. I did find that I had better luck on running short bases because it gave less time for one or both of us to drop out. It was just too painful on a full length base to make it all the way to the end only to lose connection on the last island… :rage:

Well, unless PG speaks up here, I can say I have given the best answer I can without providing details that I’m pretty sure I should not.

The longer a base takes to load and the faster the lead attacker dies, the more likely it is that you will not be able to follow.

Being on the same network is not a problem–but if you have a good cell signal at your house, you could try one device on wifi and one on cell and see if it makes a difference. I would be very surprised if it does. The actual amount of data transmitted it not much. A whole battle from loading of base to reporting the results is not more than a few MBs (unless you have files that are missing or need to be updated–but that technically is not part of the battle, it’s a discrete transfer that is for the files you are missing, for example, a dragon model for a dragon you do not have or a tower model for a tower you have not encountered or something similar). Even with three attackers and three defenders, you will not see a battle that is more than 10 MB of data transferred. At least, I never have.

Yeah, I’ve tried on mobile network, and Wi-Fi… Interchanged between the 2 to see if there’s a difference… My Wi-Fi is immaculate… No other devices are connected, signal strength is great, and I have no issues with any other apps that need internet, which includes streaming video/ music etc if I use it… I have plenty of storage left so being cluttered isn’t an issue… I’m just at a loss :see_no_evil:


I very much doubt the problem is on your side or that there is anything you can do to “fix” it. :frowning:

But that doesn’t really explain that its multiple players… They all can’t be having the same issues, yeah? The only common issue with each, is me joining :see_no_evil: they even complain when I am actually able to join, it lags out horrifically…

Maybe I should just bite the bullet and go apple :pensive:

Well, I’m not going to suggest that.

I think the game needs to have better cross-platform support, but I cannot make that happen. The window is already pretty small to join, and the additional lag for Android players makes this (either failing to join, crazy lag that doesn’t disconnect, or a disconnection) all fairly common for Android users–and it doesn’t matter how good your device is. :frowning: