Unable to cast Death Gaze several times fast enough

Starting from recently - looks like one or two week ago, possibly after some updates, I noticed that it becomes almost impossible to destroy 5 towers on Andy base. Usually 3 was easy, 4 - so so, and after some attacks, 5 is fine as well. Basically, from 10 attacks, I was able to make 5 towers in 7-8 without killing my dragon.

Now, when I do the same, I have 2 shots just fine, but after that, instead of death gaze, I regularly do normal attack - not intentionally, of course. Looks like death gaze is just not pressed, although I tap on it. Killing 3 towers somehow became a problem. I heard tbe same from other teammates. Also one of them had that similar issue with Umbral Strike.

Does ayone else got some problem? Any known workaround?

Workaround: get Hau


They probably added rider gear lol


Perhaps it’s human error, or device problem.
Note. It’s 4 tower since my rage wasn’t enough

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As soon as I will be there - surely I will get Hau :slight_smile:

Still, Ember doesn’t require heal potions, so I would prefer it for multiple flights.

I can destroy 4 towers from time to time. This just become much more complex, and it’s not because accidentally 2 weeks ago I become slow - of course, there is a possibility that everyone becomes, but soft bug is more likely :slight_smile:

Human or device error - I wrote that it’s not just me. And it should be really weird device error, if it affects only this part of game. Rather a recent software bug, from my point.

Idk seems fine for me

It work from time to time for me. But not as earlier.

As a possible workaround - does anyone know base similar to Andy, which could be used to quickly use multipliers for 200+ lvls, but without that rush in the beginning, when you are dead if previous player haven’t changed dragon in 1/10 of second?

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