Unable to claim prizes during event

I have been dealing with support since the start of event and unable to get the issue resolved. The prizes from the event are important to progress as everyone would know. I believe support have not been helpful in this situation so I have come to the forums. @PGJared @Arelyna @Crisis

did you delete/reinstall usually works

yes I have


image image image

Btw I never did a build until event icon appeared and also been building continuously through the event and shows me at 11M points in team table and individual screen and have a global ranking.

Omg that sucks and I hope they get it fixed for you. I cant believe they claim you built before event was live because if you did then you wouldn’t get points I thought. It’s also ridiculous they say to wait an hour or two after event starts to build. You wont have any rss left to build with 15 to 30 minutes after event start. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

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@Arelyna Can you check into this?

Already looking into it.


Problem resolved ty once another support member helped. Mods u can close this post.


Happy it was resolved!