Unable to connect using my WiFi, need help

I finally upgraded my WiFi today through Spectrum from 20mbps to their 100mbps WiFi service and hooked up our new modem and wireless router and it works great for everything except our war dragons on all 4 cell phones between me and my wife. We’ve got our bigs on our pixel2 xl’s and our littles on our old note5’s that are only on WiFi at this point. Everything worked fine before the switch earlier today and we can still log in on our pixel2 xl’s using mobile data but not WiFi. We’ve tried resetting everything multiple times, tried using both the new 5g WiFi and 2g WiFi settings with our new service and nothing will work. We were hoping someone else has had this issue and found a resolution for it. I’ve been dealing with in game support and all I’ve been told is to force restart my app and reset my router which I’ve tried a dozen times to no avail.

Delete the app and reinstall it? This fixes a surprisingly large amounts of problems

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Yes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it changed nothing.

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