Unable to Conquer Castles even when all Requirements Met

I thought that I would share this issue in castle conquers at the present time. I do not know how widespread this is but it is apparently affecting more than one team. Last night my team attacked a castle and met all the requirements to conquer. The conquer option came up and then… error message … and contact support. 100s of thousands of lost troops, some permanently. Support is looking into a solution. I don’t know how they will sort out this mess with this castle that we couldn’t conquer, put infrastructure on, hire guards for or shield which has now been “claimed ” by multiple teams unsuccessfully. I certainly would not have invested as many troops for such an unsatisfactory outcome.


What is the castle name?



Apologies…name has been changed to Ilthalana-1

We had same happen today, I thought this nonsense was fixed? And when I went to try again the castle info wouldn’t even come up… you want us to conquer castles?!? Try updating your laggy servers it’s ridiculous trying to fight on a castle with so many teams that creates so many issues


I just noticed that someone marked this as having a solution.I NEVER got a satisfactory answer from anyone except “we are looking into it.” There was never any acknowledgement of all the troops that my team expended in destroying all the castles’s primarchs and castle guards. We then were subjected to further losses as MORE teams came in to try to take the castle from our Prims which we were unable to support with infrastructure. :rage:

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