Unable to contact support via game Help

So I had my login email changed awhile back and now I can’t contact support thru the games Help section. Keeps saying Unable to Connect. I have minor question to ask about a name change.

I also noticed my email on the forums is still the old email, and I can’t update it because it tells me my current email (login) is already in use. Lol.

So if someone could PM me with a solution, that’d be great. Thanks!

Letting @Arelyna take a look into this one.

Thank you!

That is really odd. Have you tried logging back into the forums via the game? You can contact support via support.wardragons.com in a web browser, but you will need to create a different login.

I can access forum via the game, but not support from the contact us option. Which is weird that I can be signed into the game and come to the forums but not the other.

All fixed up! Thanks :slight_smile:

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