Unable to declare wars October 2018


Been trying to declare a war since the event ended, but keep getting system under maintenance…


You missed this announcement.



You’re from the future?


Well burn everything to ashes, that’s really stupid, I miss my Wars…:eye:‍:left_speech_bubble:
Edit: and winning with sheer number of flame and strength


Thank you @Lutrus for linking that. To reiterate though, Wars will be disabled until 5pm on Thursday for the upcoming Version 4.80 Release.


It’s really not. Updates cause a ton of problems and having wars during that time would suck if server issues popped up and attacking was all messed up. It’s a precaution, though there’s always other problems. :t_rex:


Hm, aye, guess you’re right, if it improves my chances at winning, I’ll take it :eye:‍:left_speech_bubble:


Ignoramus :stuck_out_tongue:
yep Lutrus I sure did, thanks for pointing it out. I know I wasn’t the only one, allot of people missed it since I was asking around today.


Iirc correctly, this is a version compatibility breaking update too. So if you’ve updated, you can’t join or defend people who haven’t, and vice versa. In case you weren’t around before they started doing this, teams would often try to exploit that mismatch to avoid defense points. Used to be a major pain, very glad it’s no longer a thing.


After seeing this a few times, could you appease my anal retentive personality and add a space between the :eye: and the :left_speech_bubble: ? Not really sure you even want that but if you do it should look like this :eye: :left_speech_bubble:

On topic,

I agree with the suspension of wars. It would be nice to have been part of the in game announcement rather than having to remember it being posted on the forums.


Bruh, it does it on its own (most of the time) I don’t bother correcting it :eye:‍:left_speech_bubble:


It would also have been nice if the forum announcement was made before wars were disabled… instead of telling us “Please be aware that War Declarations will be blocked from 5pm PST yesterday…”


She’s trolling. It’s working more than I care to admit.


Lol, I didn’t know they were (but it didn’t work) :eye:‍:left_speech_bubble:


:eye: :left_speech_bubble:


Pretty sure you are experiencing an ID ten T problem.

Hopefully you can figure out how to fix it, but I’m skeptical you have the tools to accomplish it.



Please keep on topic.


Given the release still isn’t out, are wars disabled longer than initially announced?
I.e. can we declare today?


I don’t think they are. As it’s no where near the 5pm Thursday that was mentioned and we were declared on this morning. Would have been nice to know of the change. But it is what it is.


Wars were blocked from being declared up to 5pm Wednesday.