Unable to declare wars October 2018


the email I got from my ticket, said Thursday at 5… also says thursday in Arelyna’s reply.


If you’re referring to the statement made in the link Lutrus posted I think you’ve misread it slightly.
Wars are disabled until Thursday, yes. But war declarations were only disabled until Wednesday.


Wars themselves were disabled from starting until today (Thursday at 5pm). Declarations were disabled until 5pm yesterday (Wednesday). I will follow up with the team about Wars given the situation right now.

What time is 4.80 coming out?

Given that the update hasn’t been released yet, I thought the no-war period would be extended…
Otherwise all the typical complaints about war & updates will just be raised again once the update is finally out.
@Arelyna possibly too late to fix that now, but maybe food for thought for next time?


Wars that were declared don’t start until tonight. I remember once PG nulled out war gains and losses due to a glitched update. Maybe that is something the team should consider.


From announcement thread


Will there be wars tonight or pushed again? My team is ready to kill me :see_no_evil: I keep posting when you say it’s ready then you change your minds.


Aye, I hear ya, I’m pretty sure they will set me on fire soon, oh wait, they’ll set the nearest kingdom on fire, hope you guys are as prepared as you look :eye:‍:left_speech_bubble:


So can we declare or not? Simple question


Scroll up. Someone posted a link to the announcement.

I’m not sure if you can declare but why declare if wars will be cancelled. 🤷


I’m just trying to figure out if we declare for example now. Would it be cancelled or not :sweat_smile:


They don’t have the android version out yet and are fighting bugs with ios version, do you really want them to prognosticate whether they can resolve all the issues in time for war tonight? It would be at best a hope.


Yeah you’re right not a good idea


From their announcement - they said yes.

Enjoy your warcation.


There have been issues with people not being able to defend or join. I am fine with wars being cancelled, just specific timeframes do help for communication.


Nooooo dont cancel the wars in silver 3 league were I am with, my team is the only team there with players 46\50 created after last event, all the other teams having 1 member…
I would love to jump out if silver soon with this team. :sweat_smile:


The wars should not have been canceled. They should have been POSTPONED.
We caught the #1 team in our league with their pants down having 3 open spots and declared on them…now they are full and our odds are not good.

Its unfair to the teams that declared to cancel the wars. Please reinstate the wars and have them take place starting tomorrow night with the same rosters that they were originally declared with.


Does anyone happen to know if wars declared after the cancellations will also be canceled, or if these wars are good to go?


Any word on when the wars will be re-enabled?


Same question I came to find out the answer to. Can we do wars tonight? We can’t be expected to try setting all day just to see if it works