Unable to declare wars October 2018


I declared this morning. Should be enabled.


I declared war rn, should work


Why declare war 5+ hours before the start of wars? :man_shrugging:


Lol, so I can ambush the team, that’s my strategy


Five hours ain’t an ambush at all. If you really wanted to ambush them, declare about two minutes before it starts :wink: :t_rex:


Lmao, but no one is on (I usually do that, but I just wanted to test it out) :eye:‍:left_speech_bubble:


Only time I’d declare 5 hours early was if I managed to catch the other team with their pants down and short of members :joy: (or if we were trying to get in a war before the PVP island turned up… or if we were trying to get in one last war with a particular team before league shuffle).

Then again, I’m not an officer anymore :tada: (I was an officer for too long on my previous team and it led to serious burn out issues due to me being way more active and devoted to the team than a majority of the other players on the team…)




Lol, now I just need to figure out what time it starts


Woo, exact same situation for me too. Eleven months of that was far too much. I’m a banker now though, so that’s still fun with considerably less stress :grin: :t_rex:


During daylight savings time, wars start at 5 pm Pacific Time. During the winter months when we are on standard time, wars start at 4 pm Pacific Time. (I don’t know what that would translate into your time zone).


Thanks :grin: I also have pacific time zone :eye:‍:left_speech_bubble:


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