Unable to declare Wars

Apparently now you cannot declare wars on Tuesdays before league change because “maintenance” is being performed for updates. :exploding_head:

Have seen that multiple times. Does not make sense if the game is operating and if PG chooses to make it this way there should be a notification.

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update is coming most likely tomorrow when the game starts the summer season.

Update prevents people from defending/assisting if both player has different version of the game (4.31 and 4.35)

We usually just tell the team an update is out and to update their game.

for you, but do you think others will do the same? They won’t and will attack while they are on the previous version so if there are no online players that has the previous version, then it’s a free attack with no defenders even if there are other online players capable of defending.

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That happens anyway, the update isn’t automatic for everyone so I regularly find defenses impossible to join after an update because the attacker hasn’t updated yet. It’s a pain in the backside lol

yeah, but add it to wars.

Everyone will think that everyone is doing the airplane mode exploit. So to prevent this from happening, PG did this.

Remember the time the update came with the team quest? Most people got angry because they can’t do their defense quest because of the update mismatch since the event during that time was a PvP (Kingdom Wars I think)

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@Carnquin this shouldn’t be the case. Whenever there are two versions of the game live we disable declaring wars the day before. so that for the 24hour duration while two versions are live players should have no active wars.


Shall I remind you how it was before they instituted this policy? Remember the days when wars would go active and you couldnt join attacks or defenses because the other person had the old version?

Disabling war on update days is one of the few positive changes that PG has made in the past year. @PgMichael thanks for doing this!


This is about declaring wars. Not about updates being pushed. PG has done this previously without an update forthcoming.

Easy thing about an update PG could do, make it so the game is not playable unless you update. Or at minimum one cannot attack until you update Prevent issues you relate to, but this is really a different topic that what OP has brought up.

Just a reminder about our release strategy when it comes to updates, we will do minor updates which should have no impact on cross version battling. In these cases we do not disable wars because the codebase between the two versions are compatible. These minor updates can and do happen any day of the week based on the priority of the fixes and changes which need to reach players.

Major updates on the other hand, happen about once every month and will always be released on a Tuesday. There are multiple reasons we do this.

  1. To participate in battle related events we want to have all players on one version. This has to do with being able to only defend and join on one version.

  2. The team needs enough time throughout the week to react to any feedback given about a particular update and push necessary changes later in the week.

One thing we can work on is trying to give a prior weeks notice on upcoming major releases so team can prepare to have a shorter week of wars. I’ll work with the community team to figure out how to get this messaging across to players.


can you make this post yellow so it stands out to fast scrollers?

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So we can’t war because of an Atlas update, is what you are saying, as the release notes reflect nothing but changes to Atlas.

Oh, I guess Summer stuffs is being released too.

When can the MAJORITY of the game get some bugs fixed and some tweaks to improve the game instead of just Atlas fixes?

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That would be a good idea to give such notice. It is customary for notices to be given when it interferes with game play. Wars being such a big part of the mechanics in WD it would be nice.

yeah and preventing the stuff that I mentioned from happening which is why war is disabled.

War is disabled due to patch
patch prevents people from defending war attacks
patch prevents people from assisting during war attacks

it’s not much of an issue when it’s normal attack since your team ranking is not affected by it except maybe your healing potion if the one assisting you attack a higher level is unable to join because of version mismatch.

Yes, but what PG just replied states it with clarity that clearly answers the OP. Not meaning offense but yours kinda hit to the side.

while my answer is not the same or related to PGMichael’s answer, it still kind of explains the reason based on their previous actions.

already saw people complaining before when PG didn’t disable wars (haven’t introduced that yet to the game) or letting people assist or defend while in 2 different version (only happened 1 time as far as I know)

This is apparently a new means PG has implemented since it was not that long ago it was common to see wars declared and an update come out right after the war was declared. causing the issues you replied to.

Will watch for such actions to see if they crop up in the future.

However, it would be much clearer to see this if we got notifications in the language we set the game to. As it is when we join or defend we get messages in the attackers set language.

I expect this is something PG can work on refining so it works as I expect they intend.

yeah this was implemented on version 4.00 based on his past response.

Lol. Seriously guys. :see_no_evil::man_facepalming: