Unable to do my warrun

we are currently in a war, but a few mintes ago this happened:

unfortunatelly the war was 300 to 320, so we still need a few more flights, but we are unable to do our warruns.
@Arelyna so do we loose this war just because the war ends after 21hours instead of 24??

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We are in the same boat. I thought war would finish as usual and now we can’t attack.
If we can’t attack, the war won’t count. Correct? @Arelyna @PGJared


We have the same issue…a war that should finish in 2 hours was removed and war that won’t start for 2 hours still shows as active. Removing active wars that people spent time and effort to fight is a slap in the face to your user base. This is beyond unacceptable.


Unfair for those that are winning thought. Maybe give the points to potential winner but take none from the potential loser

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with 3 hous left, you cant say who is going to win or loose. and both teams investeted a lot of time preparing, fighting and defending.

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Both teams should get points. Even better :grin:


I have no reservations about either proposal, although I’m at a true loss as to what you guys needed with a few points. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I can for sure say my war was a win for us. We’re at 350 and had less attempts…even if they manage 7 flames on everyone they’ll have way more attempts.


Our war vanished also. Please tell me there is no war counting bc nobody can attack

Edit: removed pic. Wasn’t sure if we’re allowed to show names

Agree points need to be awarded… that’s time and RSS wasted… its beyond unacceptable

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I wish we got some info about pvp being disabled and what’s going on with a possible update.

My team put in a lot of work to be 31 points ahead with a lvl 42 alt still to clear for safety. Why should we be punished when we were killing it?

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I mean, how can anyone think about having a war when we’re under attack from the Void. There’s an eyeball out there that needs to be poked, people

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Can we please get some sort of response. In game mail only says wars that haven’t started yet would be cancelled. This war was the last win we needed after warring all week to be able to move up in league. We are so close and the team has worked really hard to be held back by yet another glitch😔.


Who needs to be tagged here? I would think it’s understandable to imagine teams are anxious about this and players want answers. Putting leadership as the bad news mouthpiece telling everyone to sit tight and see what happens after people spent their work days defending, attacking, sneaking runs, etc.

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Your email said “ Any wars that were declared and haven’t started will be cancelled” Not currents wars started yesterday. You better figure a way to have these wars count!

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Seems like iOS can’t access current wars but android can?

None of my players can access current wars, Android or ios

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Appears the appropriate people were already tagged.

Beyond frustrated about this. We don’t war too often but when we do we want our to count. How is this acceptable and why is there no response? Half the time the only answers we get are “sorry for the inconvenience. We will forward this on to the team.” Seriously that only goes so far.