Unable to finish training troop

Every time I click to finish training troops, I got this “ finish training troop failed” message. It started from last Atlas event, and it still here. What’s going on?

Did you open a ticket with the support? If not, you should.

Usually this goes away when restarting Atlas.

No I didn’t file a ticket. I just keep hitting the button, it would work one out of fifteen tries.
It baffles me how sending a ticket would help this. But I will send in a ticket, so PG will be aware.

I’m getting a bit of a similar issue, but with starting a new troop batch/ prim training. Opened a ticket, and the help was of no use. Reinstall the app 4 times already, and the issue still persist :frowning:

Common sense: you have a problem, contact support. Chance to get help.
If support is no help, you can refer to the ticket, and escalate it further.

The Atlas server sync error usually solves itself in a matter of hours or days, this message is just a false alarm. Whenever I get it myself, the troops are already cooking or collected. (for the second try it says: not enough resources)

Quit and re-enter atlas, and all’s good. Worst case scenario I have to clear the cache, but I do that once a day anyway.

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