Unable to go to islands

Everytime I try to choose an island all I get is a grey screen that says “general.LOADING” and, what looks like, two html codes. Am I doing something wrong?

Yes. You’re playing war dragons.

Does force closing and trying again help?


Have you tried switching network?

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Restarting the app usually helped me out on my iPads.

On androids, you just need to esc out of that page then try again.

I am also having the same problem and unable to participate in the event after their version upgrade to ipad

I have been unable to to do Temple Guardians once the island is at 100% and guards are completed. I have my settings on low and have all apps off. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice. I am losing points and sent in tickets with no real response or resolution

Come to think of it.
I believe that PG said somewhere that certain OS version cannot play this event…

i have a similar issue, i go into the attack and it’ll load for ages, battle music starts, and then after another 30 seconds… Boom im kicked out of the event. i also don’t have access to any of my chats, team, lc or gc. I also can’t get to contact them via the settings to tell them bout the issue…

IOS version? or OS version?


oh thats ios 9, that was a while back, don’t think thats the issue

I can’t attack guardians since everytime I go there, a thing pops up saying “unable to load” or something like that. I’ve never taken time to actually read it. It would then bring me back to the normal battle page with all the islands and stuff. I’m pretty sure there was a thread about this a while back but it there was one, nothing’s been done about this problem.

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yep i get that too, it says i have a connection issue even though my connection is fine, i can watch youtube and play all my other games which require internet and its fine.

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