Unable to join battle

I updated my game this morning because I couldn’t join battles as I needed to update, I updated and managed to then join battle however, it’s now back to telling me I need to update to join battle even though there’s no other update out. What am I supposed to do? I can’t complete my supershots quest because it won’t let me join any battles. Can someone please tell me what’s going off?

Tell your teammates to update.

I was trying to defend one of my team mates bases when that popped up. Does it just mean that the person attacking hasn’t updated then?

That is correct!

If the attacker hasn’t updated you will get the message. They would get the same message if you attacked them and they tried to defend against you. It’ll probably be a day or so before these messages completely go away. Some people won’t even update because it’ll keep opponents from defending their attacks. Frankly there should’ve be a forced update since it’s affecting quests… but it never is…

I agree, they should make it so that it won’t let you log in until you’ve updated. It’s just making this quest that much more impossible than it already is lol.

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The update to the game is making the completetion of a quest quite frustrating. I am unable to help, or join other team members.

I concer completely. You have made a tough task nearly impossible. Why schedule the quest missions when you new you were running updates to the servers. We can’t join or in some defend which covers two thirds of the quest categories.

The problem with this is that when PG release an update, there is a period of time before apple authorise and release the update.
This means the game would be unplayable for hours between these two points in time.
I can’t remember if this happens for android but either way - it would be an unfair advantage against iOS users.

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