Unable to join: war ruined

There’s probably another thread on this already, but what is PG doing about wars declared that can’t be won through team work because players are unable to join defense banners or battle invites?

Tickets have been submitted but it’s met with the usual PG fluff rather than any kind of meaningful reply (as noted many times before). If a PG glitch results in the inability to war as intended, then declarations and war results should be disabled and nullified.



Yep seeing this issue all over. Some wars will be lost because of this.


and atlas hits to so crap revives


You should be able to put a ticket in for that and get them returned to you. Not that that’s how the game should work, but at least there’s that :man_shrugging:t2:

But yea I’ve encountered the indefinite traveling screen again too :roll_eyes:


nah they wont return everyone knows that they will say its global issue and are looking into it

Really? They were returning them earlier this week due to the indefinite travel screen. Maybe @PGGalileo can address that as well.

Linking another thread about this that I found after posting. It’s older but the issue is still relevant and illustrates that it’s not getting fixed as promised.

Issues with Banners

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#thankyouTooth :heart:

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This crazy and we was winning the war and you decide to shut it down…talk about Communist views

Sent tickets

So declare again when it’s fair. What’s so bad about that? You’re so confident you were winning, what’s the problem?

Also not entirely sure you understand what “communism” means…


Thank you PG for listening. The player base sincerely appreciates changes that promote fairness and competitive gameplay.



You were winning a war when the other team couldn’t defend? Nice. You must have instilled much fear.

Declare again when it’s fair like Tooth said. And maybe do some research on communism. :joy::joy::joy:


#thankyouTooth :green_heart:


Yes, this has been an issue for quite awhile, with a new twist of having to lower resolutions to the lowest settings just in order to play on my phone… while my alt on a tablet, continually locks up or crashes.
…30 minutes to do 5 minutes work.
This directly caused our team to lose two wars as it was practically impossible to do backups.

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