Unable to move primarch to battle

So, it’s atill a problem. Can’t move primarch to castles for glory hunt and the good’o “failed to add waypoint” error message returns. Must’ve tried ova 100 times now, restarted the game, force started the game, restarted the device… blah blah blah. Support said that this is a very complex issue. Clearly since it’s been here since the inception of atlas and yet to be fixed and they can not give a time line. Blah blah blah.
So the training primarch event is a bust. Why bother even having it at all when I cant even move my birds.
Maybe I am missing out on some other things I can do to earn GP?? Any tips guys?

Many thanks. :pray:t4:

If you were trying to go to aligane I’m assuming with the start of the season there were so many primes there the servers couldn’t handle it. Just like starting events as soon as they start grinding glory at the beginning of a season isnt the best idea either. Everyone is on trying to do the same thing at the same time and it overloads the server.

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since we are starting the new Atlas season with a PvP event everyone was anxious to get glory before the shields went up for the week.

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