Unable to open chests

@PGJared I have been unable to open chests since very early in the treasure hunt phase. My thought is that I claimed rider prizes too quickly and now because I am showing negative sigils it won’t correct until they are no longer negative. Attached are screenshots of my issue and the nonsense, then complete lack of response from support after multiple tries. Hard to get points in the event when I can’t open chests for energy packs. Please help remedy this situation.

This is my favourite player name. Ever. @MoistnSquishy


The above is from PGJared regarding negative Black Pearls. I belevie that the same applies here.

I’ve just paid more attention to your tickets - my bad, I should have done the first time around!

Everytime you add a comment to your ticket, you move it to the back of the queue.

Reccomendation, stop asking for an update via the ticket. Have a little patience.


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