Unable to participate in events

I was unable to participate in last breeding event & am unable to participate in this event. I’ve contacted support but noone has responded. They never do. My game also constantly crashes. ALWAYS. I’ve deleted apps, emails, anything that can take up memory, data, & storage. Still no improvement. I got a better plan on my phone. I’ve asked teammates for help but they haven’t experienced the problem so they don’t know what to tell me. Please someone help! I’ve been playing this game for 2 years. I don’t want to delete it but what else is there to do?

Do you mind posting the ticket number here? (numbers on first automated response)

@PGJared @Arelyna @DragonPunch

My app tic # is 1604842.

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If you are crashing, then that means it’s either something in the game caused it or that you ran out of RAM.

How many RAM does your phone have? The recommended RAM these day would be 4 GB.

Why 4GB?

Almost 1 GB is used to run your OS
War Dragons takes at least 500-600 MB of RAM upon fully loading the game. This does not add any additional cost when doing runs or viewing the event pages or even Atlas.

This is only if you have everything closed out. If you have any other application running in the background, you have to close them all out. I forgot what the button is called, but it’s used to display all running application and you have to swipe it upwards and the used RAM on those apps is released which can then be used for other application in need of ram.

So long as your free ram is not below 200 MB, I don’t think you should experience any crash due to insufficient RAM space.

Hope this is somewhat helpful. Other people that really know this stuff might provide more helpful tips, but this is based on what I see when I used RAM Monitor from the google play store. it displays your used and free ram in numerical value (you have to set it up a bit to display both though)

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Thank you for this info! Noone has mentioned anything about RAM so hopefully that’s the problem

On iPhone it’s called the Home button and you double tap it to be able to launch the window that lets you close apps :eyes:

@Crisis and @Arelyna please help her :slight_smile:

Looks like that ticket did a response about trying all the troubleshooting steps of making sure to close all apps, check internet connection, etc. As to why crashing on your device has felt worse, I’m not sure.

I didn’t get the latest update. I just installed it & the game is working better but it’s still slow & crashing alot. Thanks for all your help

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