Unable to re-capture lost castle

Hi there,

One of my allied teams had their castle stolen by the leader of MonstersDesert who was mysteriously able to bypass the barricades of the castle belonging to another friendly team to get to their castle. My teammates were able to wipe his primarchs mulitple times but at great cost. Whenever members of the allied team tried to recapture their castle, they get a message saying “the bank is full”. Why are the shields not triggering in the first place? And what does the message even mean?

We would like to request that our allied team get their castle back along with compensation for the troop losses suffered by all involved and affected by this!!! @PGDave @pgEcho @Arelyna @PGEggToken

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Welcome to the world of MonstersDesert :joy::joy:

He was also able to resummon his primarchs with us (enemies) sitting at the castle. So every time he died, he just resummoned right away.

the Hack is strong with MonstersDesert

we’re having this same issue atm too, hopefully PG looks into this

@PGJared @Arelyna

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