Unable to send a ticket to support

Since a few days I’m unable to create a ticket!
I need to do some really badly, but not able to.

Anyone else has this problems?

Hopefully this will help:

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A good way to find if someone else has been experiencing the problem is to use the search function.
It’s also a good way to find a solution or workaround.
Click on the link that sci provided:

There was no solution in there as only to write an email what I did several times & also never got an answer…

You didn’t even get an automatic response with a ticket number?

I’m unable to even send it out…

And what happens when you click on:


try doing this:

Hold Power Button until the shut down appears
Hold Home Button until the shut down disappears

check back in-game to see if there are any changes. If nothing, you may try the website version.

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