Unable to speed up rider gear — Sync Error every time

The title of this topic kind of says it all: I am (and have been since rider gear was released) unable to speed up crafting rider gear with rubies in the forge — I get Sync Error every time I try to. And since there is a gear-crafting event going on right now, it’s more pressing than it usually is. Advice, other than just waiting? (On a sidenote: why can’t you speed up gear with speedups? It currently only gives you the option to use rubies.)

Same I submitted a ticket a few minutes ago. No response yet

The engineer who created the crafting system is looking into these sync errors now.

Expediting the first piece of gear in your queue will work. But you cannot speedup later pieces without speeding up each piece ahead of it first. A fix will require a binary change, but we’re looking into it.

@PGDave I just tried to rush an upgrade on gear. That is in the first slot and i got another sync error.

Thanks, I’ll let them know. fwiw, I was able to speedup a few pieces of gear in the first slot, so it must be a little tricky since it is working only sometimes.

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