Unable to summon Primarch

I have been unable to summon a new primarch as a notice comes up saying infrastructure has to be online. It’s been going on for two days.

You have to pay your upkeep or else island infrastructure goes offline.

How do I get it back online?

Pay your taxes to PG

Set your home to a different island and summon. Even after paying the upkeep, infrastructure will still be offline for a few days.

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Daltwo’s suggestion is especially effective if you are near a neutral/safe region which can temporarily make your home.

Upkeep helps keep stronger teams in check so that everyone can own territory.

I’m not sure upkeep does…they don’t stop people from buying mass boats and rolling through the sapphire teams lol

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It’s true that upkeep doesn’t get in the way of attacking – it’s just limits how much land a team can use / control. But it does not limit how much they can attack.

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