Unable to transfer resources

So, I am unable to transfer resources to teammates, at all. Neither is anyone else on my team able to.

So tell me again, don’t we have a resource centered event starting in mere hours? @PGJared


We have the same problem in our team.

Seems the same iussue spreads from rss to war attacks count and atlas too

Why does something like this, or oddly similar, happen EVERY WEEK right before event time? There has not been ONE event that has started without a hitch in MONTHS

Yeah nothing is registering right now it seems. Cant get flames in wars or def points.

Def points seem registering…not sure

Correct AcidJinx, been getting reports that Defense Points are counting, even though Attacks and RSS transfers are not.

This game is turning more and more in a joke…

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no… it has been a joke for quite some time now. :slight_smile:


Yeah… just tired of that shit show

not able to send here either

Transfers aren’t working, war hits and atlas hits aren’t working, can’t do anything in game but chat :man_shrugging:t2:

Broken for me also.

Defense points are NOT registering…I have defended twice now, and DP have not changed.

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Lol, you have to laugh…or you will cry, or do both.

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Can we throw an tantrum? they are more fun! :slight_smile:

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Well, support says they’re on it, so maybe it’ll be fixed by tomorrow?

Just kidding, about the tomorrow part.

Waiting for an intern to set their pumpkin spice latte down on the big red Start Event button though. That’d be HYSTERICAL


same here.

The issues with war attacks, resource transfers, mines, etc are the key focus of the entire team (other than the art team or other groups that can’t work on a fix for this). We are working to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

Looks like transfers just got fixed.

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