Unapproved In App Purchase?

My wife an I both play war dragons. Today we got a receipt from apple claiming we both purchased value pack 2B for $20 at 2:36 am Central Standard Time. Neither of were even awake then. We don’t have the ruby count to indicate that we got a pack.

I’m curious if anyone else noticed this charge?

Most likely spam. I’ve been getting very authentic phishing emails for games I actually play…

It’s not spam. I logged into our Apple ID and it shows on the purchase history.

Oh, ouch. I’d contest the charge. Apple is really good about refunds.

Yeah I just put tickets in for both accounts. Just wondering if it was a more widespread issue than just us.

More or less delayed receipt from Apple.

Apple tends to combine 2 purchases into one statement or gives it a week later. You can contact support and provide them with your last 5 purchase and they can check if this matches with your recorded purchase. Most likely, it’s going to be a yes.

Yeah I know that. But like I said, the purchase history shows it was purchased last night.

It’s possible it’s a delayed receipt (I know I get them all the time), but could also simply be a mistake on Apple’s end. Be sure to double check your bank account as well to see if the purchase did indeed go through or not. I’d also double check the Sent From e-mail address to confirm it’s Apple’s official communications.

Thank you.

Ok y’all were right. Actual purchase date was May 25th. I changed the title of the post and I apologize for blaming PG.

I feel like a dummy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


told ya :slight_smile:

Glad things worked out for you. :slight_smile: Closing this thread down now.