Unbalanced Atlas event Rewards

Will you say these rewards are balanced ?? I mean we scored so high than low tiers still we get bull rewards ? @Pgdave @pgeggtoken
500 shards for competing in top tier ?

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Please,explain us how is this fair,that I’m getting I’m my Sapphire team which was in Tier3 more prizes,then in my D1 team which was in Tier1

You can easily see the difference in team points and enemy teams not even close

So how this even possible?

If we have Tiers which can be compared to in game leagues(as im understanding),then.shouldn’t we have higher prizes in Tier 1?



In checking with the team, event tiers overlap by design. However, the highest rank in each tier will be higher than the highest rank in lower tiers.

Thanks ! Waiting for the reply

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