Unchained Festive Dragon Coming Soon

Veteran Bounty Hunter

It earned many scars - and enemies - sending convicts to the Ancient Prison.

Legendary Wind Warrior

Be sure to tune in to today’s Twitch stream at 4:00pm PT! PGCarlos and PGNipNap will be going over this season’s festive dragon! Below are some details…


● BOUNTY HUNTER - Passive | Yellow | 0 Rage | 0 Duration

Passive: Dragon’s breath deals 150% more damage.

● BITING GALE - Active | White | 1 Rage | Indefinite Duration | Cooldown (3) seconds

On activation, dragon cloaks. Deals damage to both towers and the dragon itself each second, starting at (6)% of the dragon’s max HP to towers and (3)% of dragon’s max HP to itself. The following second, deals (3)% of the dragon’s max HP to towers (4.5)% of max HP to itself. Every second thereafter, towers take no damage and the dragon takes (6)% of the dragon’s max HP in damage. Once the dragon attacks or casts a spell, all effects end.

● BLADE BURST- Active | White | 1 Rage | Cooldown (5) seconds

Dragon fires a projectile that deals (500) times the dragon’s attack as damage to towers in target area. Heals 20% HP on cast.

● TRAPPER’S FOCUS - Active | Blue | 1 Rage | Duration (3) seconds | Cooldown (5) seconds

Grants 100% damage reduction from tower attacks (except Mage towers). Does not prevent secondary effects (e.g., rage drain, damage over time)

Please Note: Spell Rider Fera’s Mend will not be compatible with Garrvox.

Runes and Glyphs

Design Intent and Strategy:

The battle-hardened Warrior dragon Garrvox relies on careful management of its health to strike the right balance of offense and defense. Knowing when to power through enemy attacks and when to play it safe is fundamental to using this cunning dragon correctly.

Garrvox’s powerful signature spell Biting Gale allows it to both attack and defend- but the longer it is used, the greater the risk. Every second that the cloak is maintained, it will deal less damage to towers and more to Garrvox itself. To use this spell wisely, balance ending the cloak quickly to conserve health, or keeping it active long enough for Garrvox to cast more spells.

Your patience pays off when you emerge from the howling winds to fire Blade Burst - in addition to immediately destroying a tower, it will restore some of the HP lost through Biting Gale.

While Biting Gale is on cooldown, Garrvox’s defenses are supplemented with Trapper’s Focus. It protects the dragon from damage long enough to unleash another attack with Biting Gale.

Even with the defensive and offensive tools Garrvox is armed with, sometimes defeating your opponents means channeling your tenacity and wearing down towers with Garrvox’s breath. Luckily, Garrvox’s passive, Bounty Hunter, ability makes its attacks significantly stronger. Picking off towers weakened by Biting Gale is also a handy tactic for conserving rage, so seek opportunities to do so.

Garrvox is responsible for putting many dragons into the Ancient Prison - now that they have escaped, Garrvox may be once again forced to prove its prowess - but this time, it is not Garrvox who will be doing the hunting.

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