Unchained Mythic and Monarch Adjustments

Hello Dragon Masters,

Below are changes coming to some Unchained divine and Monarch lineage dragons.

Over the past two seasons we’ve heard an overwhelming amount of feedback about the performance of these dragons. We don’t take balance changes lightly, and in the past we’ve tried a number of different methods to deliver them in the least disruptive way possible.

The core experience of War Dragons is centered around discovering and obtaining awesome new dragons every season and taking them into battle to crush your enemies. We believe that it is better for the fun and health of the game that the dragons you both fly and defend against are fresh and exciting every season. This reason, coupled with your feedback, led to an extensive performance review for the dragons in Unchained season and the Monarch tier. Following the review we worked with the GPF to identify and develop adjustments for those dragons that have overstayed their welcome.

Below are the changes coming to Barbend, Krygant, and Zahhak alongside the release of the Summer Festive.



  • Desperate Resolve
    Spell cost changed to 1 rage from 0 rage
    Healing per tower destroyed reduced to 5% from 20%


  • Desperate Resolve
    Spell cost changed to 1 rage from 0 rage
    Healing per tower destroyed reduced to 5% from 20%


Total health reduced by 25%.

Health is now 1.5x base Invoker health down from 2x.

  • Shatter Blades
    Healing reduced to 33% from 50% of Max HP
    Damage increased to 20% from 15% of Max HP
  • Invoke: Piercing Steel
    Damage increased to to 17% from 13% of max HP
  • En Garde
    Damage increased to 11% from 8% of max HP (both regular and mythic)



  • Ice Sheeting
    Cooldown increased to 6s from 4s


  • Ice Sheeting
    Cooldown increased to 6s from 4s

  • Permafrost
    Cooldown increased to (1.5)s from (1)s

Death Gaze and Summon Warrior Consumable ban.


Reduced Garvox’s HP to be in line with other Legendary Warriors.

We hope these adjustments help with the continued enjoyment of War Dragons and balance out the game in a way that’s fair and rewarding.


Curious to see how this thread goes


Not sure Barbend is nerfed enough, but will wait to see what effect this has.

Feeling is not a huge amount, given it doesn’t change the unlimited ammo.

I also feel the Krygant and Zaaaaaaahk nerfs are unnecessary.

I don’t even know what Garvox is.


The change to Krygant’s stacking spell is completely unnecessary with having DG removed as an add-on. If you’re going to do that then the cap on Ice Spire should be increased. Kry already has issues dealing with 40 tower bases when he starts the run because his initial damage boost

IMO this is an over-correction, pick one, not both. Also this gives an even bigger advantage to those who got his exotics. Perhaps instead it is the exotics that should be changed, not the spell itself. You’re nerfing Kry harder than you’re nerfing Barb and Barb is the one currently killing the meta


Is the Garrvox nerf serious?


In his 12 weeks of existence I was never hit with one.Lmao

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Why? There were no problems with this dragon, even with the high HP he sucked.
Can Support please offer free rune removal for Garrvox because he is now totally useless and we shouldnt have to pay chisels to remove runes from him.




While I agree change was needed I think these are a mess.

  1. Barbend - not much changed. His excessive dps not even touched. He will still be op.

  2. Krygant - nerf is too deep most aggressively changing 2 areas. One was probably fine.

  3. Zah. His health was an issue thats fixed. However his damage was poor and that should be addressed. He has gone from a tank with piss weak attack to something thats useless. I would like to swap him for warror since I can at least perch it.

Barbend is the strongest thing we have ever seen and he is getting minimal changes Lol.

Kry and Zah needed change but I reckon you made them both fairly useless.

These feel like knee jerk changes. There should be testing to see if they are the right changes.

I feel like PG needs to let players swap their previous choices.


Players : barb’s healing is crazy
Pg : Nerfs the heal and rage management

Players : not happy . Still to see

Which one was fine ? He would just kiss towers at 4 and wipe em , and the cloak was too generous . Making it reach max power harder and increasing exposure by 0.5 sec should balance a dragon that flown right can get triple defended with ease . People just want easy dragons and that is a shame

Health fixed and damage is upped . Zahaak couldnt be killed that was very needed


Not happy with this at all. Zahhak can still go down with good defense. Compared to Barbend who virtually never goes down no matter what you do.


Do you mind sharing the approach here. ? How do you kill zahakk?


Rage drain him so he can’t use the healing spell and apply hammers quickly, down he goes. (On big boy bases).

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His healing and damage are both issues.

52 bullets on 10 towers is excessive overkill given he can cloak on demand and technically use 104 bullets on 10 towers.

His healing looks fixed- tick.


Admittedly I don’t have him but I drop every second Krygant 1D so he aint that strong.


Fully agree with you his health was the issue and thats fixed (good)

For me its his regular shots that are the issue. 3D with all of the regular shots on 1 Oreo I cant kill 1 tower lol.

Before Incould tank the damage and then kill tower on 2nd barrage. ( becsuse anti healing exotic ring kicks in )

I’m probably a dead duck now. I would just rather have the warrior for one of my perches.


I am a big boy base and have rage drained him and dont forget zahakk’s invoke shot is a freeze that reloads faster thsn other invokers . Lets talk all facts straight here

I like the changes on Barb. Idk if Kryg’s was necessary.

I’ll work on being able to fly Barb better while knowing it’s a bit more defendable.


Can you always drop that many bullets ? I know very few people that use five fingers . If it’s about top players being consistent that’s a pilot’s ability . Most cases Barb would be rage drained and since it had a 0 rage spell it got rage and healed a lot . Now all these cases ( majority ) can be killed more often cause it takes time to build back a rage to cast the rage gen spell .

Personally I think Barb took a nice nerf , would’be preferred more but would’be been a mediocre dragon probably . Now it is not gonna be as forgiving as before


It’ll mean that if you mess up with Barbend, you’re probably dead


My thoughts are as follows.

  1. Zah seems like a good change more attack power with decreased hp.

  2. Barb changes are solid but unlimited ammo has never been something I think should but health gain is adjustment is on point.

  3. As usual the warrior is set up to have a lower top end than the other drags. I’m fine with dg being removed. I don’t think the glacial sheeting and the cloak spell being changed is correct.
    I think his cloak should be left alone. But glacial sheeting change Means that short bases are not auto win However I also believe kry should have increased attack power from the start.


I have a maxed base. Specced right, Zahhak still slowly bulldozes it easily. It’s very hard to screw up.

Sounds like you should get some better opponents! Most people with pulses can blow through a non-maxed base like it isn’t there.

^ Listen to one of the best Barbend fliers in the game.


I love to complain, so I have no problem being this person…

We’ve had an OP mythic hunter time and time again. We FINALLY get a win for Invoker fliers and now PG decides to do something about it?

This is seriously messed up. I practiced Z over and over and over again in order to finally have a chance at a decent dragon. Was finally feeling like I could actually play the game and have a chance against these insane bases. Now, I feel completely discouraged and all of the work I put into Z is nullified.

EDIT: def jumped the gun cause I’m upset today. The changes for Z may not be so bad after all. It would be more fair to have his spell heal less, and need to consume more rage in using it more; needing to balance the cooldown time as well. The added attack may actually help offset the change to HP.

Will be fun to try and see. But, it it’s significantly different, I will legit be devastated as he’s kinda all I got… :confused: