Unchained season keys

Hello. I have 9 unchained season keys from a past season that I have t redeemed. And also ascension tokens and sigils in my inventory. Do they just stay there useless or is there something I can do with them? Please help with this question, thank you

You can only redeem keys from the previous season (Darkmire). Unfortunately, unearthed keys are worthless now

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You can’t even redeem Darkmire now, as that branch ended after the first two weeks of Dreadfrost (three days ago).


Yeah it’s rather unfortunate that you can’t do anything with them. I had 7 ascension tokens and 4 keys from Unchained that I never got the chance to trade in. I sent a ticket asking if I could convert them and they told me no.

Understandable but frustrating.

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You had 2 weeks to trade them in, how did you not have a chance?

I do think they could leave the redemption up for maybe half the season though or at least as long as the leaderboard line stays up. But there is plenty of time to exchange

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I’m assuming they took a break from the game somewhere during the unchained season (which was last spring).

And like others have mentioned, unfortunately those keys and tokens don’t have any value anymore.


I understand. Thanks everyone for giving clarity

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