Unchained (spring 2022) sigil lines spreadsheet

Time for another season spreadsheet!

For starters we have the following changes:

  • Budget dragon (Tiallos): Costs half of a normal dragon line, prizes are about 1/3 of the old dragon lines, which were already poor value. Avoid unless for some reason you really really want Tiallos.
  • Ascending dragons: Cost is the same as the old legendary dragon lines, but the rewards have gottten a small bump. Pretty much everything went up slightly, rune dust went up by 5m, and there’s even a smidge of electrum in there. Downside is the early keys got more expensive.
  • Base boost, Cosmic Orrery, Mission boost: all unchanged

For more information about the new structure, ascending dragons, sigil rebates etc, check the official post.


Thank you! :kissing_heart:


Guessing the thought behind 1/3 of prizes is because of the 1/3 of the season tokens.
(Even though it’s half the cost on the other lines total)

Thanks as always for the awesome spreadsheet


Thank you for these

Thank you :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Appreciate the time you put into these for us lazy people :rofl:


Gracias papi

Which dragon is getting resurrected this time?

Wave 2

Resurrection Branch [Going live on 3/30/22]

This info has not yet been released

Resurrection is after 4 weeks? :dizzy_face:
Isn’t it usually after 2 weeks?

In fall it was week 5. Week 3 is Fort so we’re getting the Electrum line and the spell rider

The resurrection is basically taking the place of the other wave 2 dragon now


Thanks for all the work you do in creating this great resource for the community. Would it be possible to add the # of ascension tokens/keys for each branch in your summary page?

Added the week 3 lines, looks like they’re unchanged from last season from the spot checks I did.


Thanks for the work Morreion.

I don’t think wave 1.5 was added to the summary screen.

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Whoops you’re right, will fix that in a bit


Added the resurrection line, pretty much unchanged except a few less stones because the last resurrection was a festive starting at red.


Is the archmage line and occulus line are the same in term of loot? Dosent seem to be showing on that sheet

The oculus line isn’t out yet…


Added the Oculus line. They replaced 59 gold chests with 11k embers this season, so the overal value has dropped pretty drastically. I know I complained we’re forced to get crappy dragon lines now instead of having a free choice, but the solution is not to make all other lines just a bad :see_no_evil:

Also added the Letha portrait line. Most of the resource-nodes there are so-so, costing a bit more than the resources are worth, if not a lot. But there are three nodes that offer very good value, and might make the rest of the line worth getting:

  • Node 2: 8k embers for 500 sigils is a steal
  • Node 10: 15 platinum chests for 1500 sigils is very good, and still pretty decent if you add the 2k you need to spend on portraits and a key to get there.
  • Node 14: 8k embers for 300 sigils is even nicer than node 2, but of course you do have to get most of the line for it. Decent if you also want the other resources on the way.

im gona skip this branch i have 700k+ embers. if it had electrum option i might buy it

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