Unchained (spring 2022) sigil lines spreadsheet

Same… have lots of embers but I am always out of bars.

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Added the champion rider line. Unfortunately it has also gone to shit, with all the platinum and draconic chests being replaced with golds, but in low numbers.

If you do get this line, and only need partial shards, make sure to get them from the nodes with 4 gold chests, not the nodes with 8.


Hey, so I think there’s something wrong with the doc. The Champion rider line is listed as having 225 golds unboosted when the actual line only has 92 while boosted

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Crap, I should’ve checked the rest of the line more carefully, didn’t realize it was nerfed even worse :see_no_evil: the chest swap was bad enough already. I’ll go over the full line and fix it asap.


I only counted 79. Granted, I’m not great at counting, but this is a huge nerf from previous chests in the line.

EDIT: I am bad at counting, it’s 92

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I updated the sheet, hopefully I didn’t miss any other changes. That line is truly crappy now, even worse than the newly-terrible oculus line.


I think they are trying to force people to spend more.

Or trying to make a second dragon line look better in comparison :joy:


Based on Morreions spreadsheet - An ascension token overview like every season :sparkles: - thank you for your amazing spreadsheet :pray:


Lol, I wonder how that’s going to go

Added the reskin line. Summary:

  • Dust is a decent price, but nothing special
  • Electrum in node 2 is quite good value, worth getting if you can use electrum
  • Then the hammers, very very much depends on whether you need those
  • Platinum chests are excellent value by themselves, but since they are only 5 instead of 15 like before they’re only really worth getting if you also really want the hammers.
  • Chisels, timers and tokens are all decent, none of them spectacular.

Added the festive, looks unchanged from last season.


I’m sorry if you have this somewhere already, but any idea what the cheapest ascension tokens are?

this? shxt, could not locate to correct position, anyways it’s on the 58/60 in that post.



You would have to look at the individual sheets, but they’re pretty much all the same at around 19.5k. Only significantly cheaper one is the orrery line, since the whole line is just 15k.


Thank you both! @waterloo027 @Morreion

Appreciate it! Have a wonderful day! :hugs::hugs:

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here ya go


Thank you!

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