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  • Rates of neurological conditions such as autism and ADHD have been increasing exponentially over the years. Assuming you don’t have a definitive answer for that, why do you THINK that has been happening?
  • Why do you think it is that some humans act upon understanding, never mind how much or how little they truly have, before getting all of the specifics to support it?

Part of it is that there is more awareness of such things. Part of it is the stigma around mental health is slowly changing a microscopic inch at a time. Part of it, though, is that there are truly some people who want to slap a name on their kids being kids and having active fun.

Because humans are selfish and think they have all of the answers and have a tendency to throw themselves into situations where they aren’t even involved.


I really doubt the rates of occurrence have changed, but rather the rate of evaluation and diagnosis.

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This may be controversial, but there are a fair bit of misdiagnosed children out there as parents try to use pills to control “misbehaving” kids. I for instance did not have ADHD, but I was still treated for it because I was considered “Too rowdy” and hated school as a child.

Speaking of pills and medication, there are likely mothers who unknowingly misuse drugs while pregnant. (sometimes not even knowing they are pregnant) For instance drinking alcohol while pregnant can contribute to Autism and ADHD, and such infants are diagnosed as FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder)

Another reason why they are increasing is because our technology and our knowledge for what to look for has also increased.


Sometimes children have actual issues!
In the 80s
You get ridalan! you get ridalan! Everyone gets ridalan…….
Any sign of non-neuro typical behavior and you obviously need :pill:
Because we can’t have any individuality your supposed to all think and learn and act exactly the same!
But! Don’t forget your unique and special……

Apparently half my elementary/junior high school was either hyper active or had attention disorders or maybe just maybe it’s easier to control zombies…….

They tried that crap and my mom just laughed at them :rofl:
And she then asked them how’s his test scores………?
99.8% in the nation ……hmmmm ……he doesn’t seem to have a problem learning!
Seems the problem is you.

And we left :rofl:


Hard question because these types of diseases or whatever you can call it are very different and you need to check it out deeper in psychology and medicine to find an answer.

Sooo, not a good one to ask for here really.

@Ashley (she’s a child psychologist / PhD candidate and has co-authored a billion papers on adolescent ADHD I wanna hear her answer hehe)

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How about we don’t give people information to help stalk me lol

But yes, ADHD diagnoses have increased over recent years. There’s a lot of research out there and I recommend the Ologies podcast with Russell Barkley if you actually want to know more. He’s the leading expert in the field. However, people used to think ADHD just occurred in boys…recently we’ve learned many girls experience ADHD and the prevalence rates are actually very similar in adulthood. However girls are much less likely to receive a diagnosis of ADHD and even those who do aren’t prescribed medication as frequently as boys. As we learn more about ADHD in girls, more girls are accurately identified and diagnosed with ADHD, which is reflected in rates of diagnosis. There’s a lot of complex factors that go into this beyond misbehaving children and parenting.

  1. Numbers have increased due to better testing - and one can say - a broader definition of ADHD and ASD. Just like the number of earthquakes has gone up due to the ability to detect and measure them.

*** added - Did see a study a few months back that there was a correlation between age of parents and ADHD/ASD diagnosis. Since people are delaying children til later in life. This could be a biological reason for the increase. As part of my law practice help parents/children with 504 and IEP plans.***

  1. Half of the population has a below than average IQ. Not everyone is capable of higher level reason/logic. This leads some people to use feelings as their basis for action; especially, fear and demagoguery. Or as John Adams wrote in 1776 “thoughts on government” - “Fear is the foundation of most governments; but it is so sordid and brutal a passion, and renders men, in whose breasts it predominates, so stupid, and miserable.”

I think you’re safe. I actually have autism myself (Asperger’s, to be more specific) and comorbid ADHD. I’m sure you’ll be fine; it’s certainly not like this information can be bent by anyone to locate anyone else’s whereabouts.

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So average IQ is 100 and scoring a 100 would put you in the 50th percentile (scored better than 50% of same age peers). However, IQ is still considered average between 85 and 115 (this represents 68.2% of people). So only about 15.8% of people have below average IQ. (I administer about 2-3 IQ tests a week)


Broader testing yields more positive results. I am unsure if “rates” as in percentage of total tested is increasing or if it is just that we test more people now. The “awareness” topic is a double edge sword. We find people seeking a diagnosis to help become more comfortable with themselves and also see organisations such as schools use it as a tool to justify excluding children that are too tough or compromise their ability to teach in the new age. An age where legal, business and social constructs prevent us from accepting “liabilities” or compel us to assign labels to anything/anyone not deemed “normal”.

This is such a complex topic that is charged with many complex emotions. Too complex to summarise with a blanket statement.


I thought that events will end at the regular time on Mondays (6 pm PT), but that the event icon is going away at 4 pm PT on Tuesdays, rather than 7 pm PT? Meaning we have 3 hours less to claim prizes and spend sigils?


Well, the way it was worded in context gave off the indication that it would end later altogether:

I guess it could possibly be a misinterpretation.

I’m sure I had my finger on the pulse, but still, this should probably be confirmed in order to prevent any further confusion: @PGCarlos @PGOctus @PGNeon @PGYohn

I believe here the distinction is between event expiry vs event end. End is when the ability to play the event ceases, ie, Monday 6pm PT, and expiry is when the event menu disappears along with your ability to claim prizes, ie, a shift from Tuesday 6pm to Tuesday 4pm PT.


Thanks for sharing the mail Jalen. At the bottom it says, “Please note, this does not affect the duration of the event at all, that will end at the usual time at 6 pm PT on Monday. Just be sure to claim your prizes before Tuesday 4 pm PT.”


As was stated in the email this won’t affect the duration of the event at all. Just clarifying for this thread.


Doesnt seem confusing at all if you read the whole email since it says it doesnt affect the duration of the event. However maybe using “event menu” would be better than just saying the event.


This caught my eye! I’m 60 years old, female, and was just diagnosed with ADHD. Apparently I’m a pretty classic example of what would have been a missed girl, as I’ve got all my school records back to 2nd grade with obvious signs. But I was an adult before it was named. My college and adult life have had many typical ADHD issues. But my serious illnesses and their treatments left me struggling, and I had to stop working my corporate job a few years ago.

I’ve been chronically ill, and then got cancer. I had many treatments and did chemo twice in consecutive years. I got better but I never felt better, couldn’t do much at all in a day. I couldn’t think straight, or even remember what I was doing, all day long. Possibly the treatments affected my dopamine levels overall.

Long story short, my NP sent me for diagnosis which apparently was easy. I was immediately diagnosed and meds changed my life. I’ve been unable to do anything for a couple of years, and now I can earn some $. I can follow a conversation, a complex TV plot, and do basic tasks. We’re still working on the right dosage and timing. I had no idea how ADHD affected women, or that I had it. :exploding_head:


Because parents in the 80s were too lazy to parent and had their “misbehaving” or “bored” kids diagnosed with something they didn’t have. Then gave them pills, which they didn’t need, that have long term effects that we still don’t fully understand.
Those kids grew up into adults and started having kids, or had kids when they were kids still in a lot of cases. They’ve passed on the long term effects of those drugs to their kids, who actually have said issue due to their parent or parents misdiagnoses and unnecessary medication.
Those drugs are dangerous, they actually screw with your brain chemicals and/or affect the natural production of chemicals that your body/brain needs to function properly.
Tl;dr try parenting first. If that doesn’t work, try some more. Like really try. Then maybe take your kid to a doctor, but maybe try a therapist before going full psychiatrist and giving them drugs……