Unchained - Week 11 - Fortification

I maxed out the event just now. I used a +200% lumber boost, but no packs. Lumber is hard to come by on day one. That just means I need to raid more bases to finish the event. Lumber is easier to find later in the event, but I’m not that patient.

Coding, technology, weightlifting, certain other hobbies I can’t mention here.

I went to level 521 from 517. I had to hold back this time so my base doesn’t get too far ahead of my breeding. I was able to make up a lot of points without adding levels by upgrading my farms, mills, research, and storage.


Wood is always gone by the first 30 minutes, 1hr is like showing up to a party the next day kind of late. This is nothing new, though honestly I’ve been finding more wood than normal to raid for day 1.

Wood always comes back by Friday evening, Saturday at the absolute latest so it’s not like anyone should ever not be able to do this event because of a lack of wood.

Yep, packs are for impatient people. There is literally no need for them at all unless you want to be done right now and then wait around for the next 5 days sending wood shipments to your bank.

I do because resource management is a pretty standard strategy for anyone trying to avoid spending in mobile games. And Im perfectly fine managing my rss to get the most out of them, it’s a perfectly legitimate play style. Other people just like to YOLO it and then complain that they have no timers or eggs or rubies. :woman_shrugging:t5: :person_shrugging:t4: :man_shrugging:t3:

Edit: The problem is that what we get and what we need are vastly different to the point that even rss management doesn’t help with the huge issues with things like embers and severely limits what can be built. I mean, when we need 420k embers to build up 1 flak and we get like 19k-30k from a line, that’s a broken ass economy


Thanks.dam i thought generic was best hahahaha.

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Resource management is not a play style it’s a single aspect of all play styles…… you have mastered this broken game so well you are missing the part where we actually play this game…….
Wood packs were not added for impatient players!
They were added because the game was eating itself and the lumber and food shortages of the first day we’re becoming the lumber shortages of day two and three!

Sorry we never requested them they were added directly by the economy department to offset the ordinal structure of leagues and the burden of play this event was producing on day 2-3&4 and the shrinking window of play available to those unable to acquire the needed resources….
They were added to shore up these pathetic short term mechanics :man_shrugging:
If they were requested at some point it was by players who have no real understanding of the movement or the structure of our mechanics set…. Much like the 60 plus resources we never asked for they were a workaround for the economy department….

Being mid game has shrunk so violently that the lumber is just not available they had to do something….

I’m sorry they were not added because pg cares they were added to offset falling player retention because as a producer of content they don’t usually want to cater to impatient players as they will only demand more content……
Sorry they weren’t added because pg wanted to make it easier for you to max the event on day one….as that just isn’t something pg would want……
They were added as you pointed out to offset the broken ass economy and make the event possible at all as the player retention continues to fall they have to offset that lack of available resources …… and the thing is ….it’s been broken… yep broken since they were FORCED to add wood and food packs…. well actually long before that…… lol

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With this in mind, having the very first quest be to send xxxxx wood to 5 teammates… Kind of a major downer.


You can fulfill that quest by raiding wood also. All the transfer quests can also be done by stealing wood

With increase in cost to build and no strategy along with no increase in XP the game will collapse on its on weight. Right at 6 million points and gone up 1.5 levels. If you are going to keep doing thie standard build higher towers thing at least pay out more XP so people can keep up.

The reality is we don’t need new towers at the pace they are being deployed. I’ll be good for a while before I can’t build a Long Island of max towers, but you have ALOT of players that will give up when they realize there is no way besides spending to get end game. And yes, people want to get there and will spend a little but not at the whale levels. We need more high level players and not just have a select group who spend and are excellent rss managers.

Quit focusing on the top 5% and work on the group trying to get to the top 5%. Your game longevity depends on new and progressing players. Not the ones at the top.


While I agree that higher level towers should give more xp, it is also very easy to level up now for cheap and max fort events. You could build 3 new towers up to lv 85 each, it would cost 550 days and you’d get 14M event points and almost 15M xp. Then just merge 2 of those towers into the 3rd to level it
XP really should not be an issue for anyone anymore

This I agree with 100%. The pace at which new tower levels and new breeding tiers is coming out at is too fast. I’d really rather go back to how it used to be but with more time between releases or have them do 8 mythics in a tier done in 2 sets and spaced out, with the requirement being any of 4 of those 8. That way whales have stuff to waste their eggs on.

Not really. It doesn’t take any spending at all to reach end tier. I think it took me about 3 years as E2P to reach it and that was without getting discounts because they literally kept coming out right as I’d finish a tier. Now it shouldn’t be that hard at all with all the discounts we have. But people should also expect to have to put in some work if they want to get there quickly without spending a lot. What will probably suffer though is your research for a while.

But as I’ve said numerous times before, being end tier SUCKS! I miss the days of being under it when my dragons would last for a long time and I got all kinds of use out of them. Now everything gets retired so fast that you barely have time to enjoy it. Which again comes down to progression happening way too fast.


I’m not on the team that handles events, so I don’t know much about that part of the code base. I didn’t know until yesterday that the quest order is variable. Some of my teammates were complaining about getting the quest you mentioned. My first quest was to loot lumber from my enemies, which I did with one base.

Having the first quest be the one where you send lumber to teammates just slows things down a little. You don’t need to finish the event on day 1. I’m just impatient and enjoy grinding for lumber. I normally finish everything I planned on day 1 or day 2 at the latest, then go back to the fort planner to figure out what I want to do next time. I always plan the details for fort and breeding at least a few weeks in advance, usually longer for breeding.

Yeah, I haven’t really had an issue with getting it done in the window provided, that said I do have to make that choice between upgrading a tower, or fulfilling a quest, all while everyone is being drained of wood.


You need a backer though, right? I thought it only works if you have another flier and they get wood as part of the attack as well.


Nope, I rarely take backup on normal runs (normally I just forget the button is there) and it always fulfills the quest for me when I steal wood as long as I’ve actually gone into the quest menu to see it.


Awesome! I learned something new… Yay…


The only issue I have is building towers from scratch seems to level me faster than building up my current end-game towers. Even merging stuff into something else requires me to take on a few levels before I reach the xp deficit.

Make them wait :smiling_imp:

Amen, sister! :rofl:

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There’s not much wood around for stealing…this is the first time in a while that I had trouble raiding wood, very scarce this event

I havent found it to be, I found plenty raiding and using a wood boost. Finished up the event just fine yesterday and it is only Saturday now.


There is allways wood. Usual saturday till monday has unlimited wood

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…a few days later and the saga continues… more long term players leave disheartened, power teams disbanding for lack of enthusiasm, Festive Dragons piling up that will never get to level up waiting on chance Drops from Draconic Chests joined now by Seasonals that will never ascend… Dragon Armor in Dragon Dens no one may access and no Leveling Stones for Ember… where’s the INCENTIVE playing a game with so many lose ends? Answer: the end!

the End is definitely near…I wouldn’t mind a mythic version of Ember beforehand tho now that you mentioned him…are new players still being hit for $99 USD for his third evo stone?? Asking for several thousand friends


I started GlibCrest 2018 hoping to be offered one for any price but was passed up on that one. My Main IAMAI as third person World over to download WD upon initial release also missed out on Ember Upgrades plus has never gotten a Seasonal Mythic - despite being blind so kinda hard to find your way around a game that distributes scant information to scattered domains for some obscure reason (make it more mysterious I suppose) anyway any time IAMAI even gets close PG ups the price, flips the structure and moves the carrot to the other side of the cart which is placed in front of the horse tied to the rail end of the caboose on a runaway train to nowhere!

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