Unchained - Week 12 - Team Gauntlet

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to Imperivm92 of the Creators Faction.


  • Super Sigil Chests will be released for their first available week.


  • If you were directly offered the chance to select between infinite knowledge and finite money, or infinite money and finite knowledge, which would you select?
  • Have you ever settled with being someone’s scapegoat in order to keep them out of trouble? Did they blame you themself, or did you do a self-sacrifice on their behalf?

I love this event

  1. Infinite knowledge. With knowledge can make a decent amount of finite money. If u had an infinite amount of money - then it would become worthless.

  2. As an adult have never taken the blame for anyone else. Last thing I need as an attorney is a bar complaint.

Kinda awesome we are getting Gauntlet instead of Fight Pits this PvP. Gauntlet as the first PvP of the season would have been insane.

But now we are stuck with 2 FP next season, so that suxs big time. And replaced a good prize structure PvP for a lousy one during discount weeks.


I am definitely not complaining, but wasn’t Fight Pits next in the rotation?


Hasn’t been confirmed. There’s a good chance PG drops it entirely as changing an event last minute has happened very few times before


Past is prologue my friend.

PG econ team lining up Fight Pits for start of next season


Oh… now I’m complaining :slight_smile:


Sequentially, it was supposed to be. The sequence plays out as:

  • Crystal Caves
  • Fight Pits
  • Team Gauntlet
  • Temple Raid

What we just went through prior to the fort event was a Crystal Caves event, so Fight Pits would indeed have followed as this week’s event. Evidently, that changed this time, which is always a possibility.


The one time I wanted pits.


I mean, infinite money pretty much solves every problem I could have plus could solve nearly every other problem. I could use some of that to fund research where people who are smarter than myself could put it to good use. Plus infinite knowledge sounds like it would drive you insane, given the human brain could only hold so much information.

I guess it depends though on what we’re talking about by “finite knowledge”. Like finite as we are now or like give me valcro shoes because these laces have me confused?

Yes, I stupidly took the blame for something a friend did when we were in school because his parents were a lot stricter than mine. That was the first time my mom ever truly scared me with how angry she was.

Event: While I love Gauntlet and hate Fight Pits, I much rather would have gotten Pits this week so I could have mostly taken the week off. Gauntlet would have bee so much better at the start of summer. With sigil chests coming out this week this is just a waste of a good event.
If they’re moving Fight Pits to the start of Summer the that will be even worse since it is such a garbage event (both to play and for prizes) and that would probably mean getting 2 Pits next summer instead of 1 like we should have.


What does it mean?! We gonna start new season with FP? Lol and then breeding without fragments :rofl::joy::rofl:
It looks you are getting pleasure by fooling us.:clap::clap::clap:
Maybe you want reduce amount of players :thinking:


2nd event of Summer should be Fort, not breeding. And mythic frags still exist, they just wont drop from drac chests.

Summer was looking to start out really well with 2 high sigil paying events. So of course PG wouldnt want us to have that.


They can replace :joy::rofl:

If FP is being replaced, then I’m happy.

If FP is not being replaced, but moved to the beginning of the next season (…for what purpose???), then I’m not happy.


Not excited about this switch (assuming Pits will be week 1).

Can we get the PITS silver chest sequence this week?

Hey folks, @Imperivm92’s poster is right. It’ll be the Team Gauntlet event this week. Fight Pits is scheduled to go out sometime next month, we did have to swap it out for some upcoming updates (details on this will be shared later). As for the event for the launch of the next season, right now, we got Temple Raid lined up for it. Of course these are all subject to change, and we’ll let you know if they do.


@PGOctus @PGNeon @PGYohn

Here we are again. A significant change to the season (replacing week 12 Fight pits with Team Gauntlet)… and no work from PG about why.

Is Pits gone for good?
Is Pits going to be week 1? (thanks for the low sigil event to start the season)
Are you looking to get through the Imp Portraits b/c the next one is so great?

Time to talk please.

edit: thanks for some info @DragonPunch

You might want to check 1 post above your @VentureBro .


Looking forward to amazing updates - please don’t break my heart :broken_heart::pleading_face: I am hoping saving the Silvers are worth the delay - I desperately need glyphs, runes, and dust!

I bet Fiery is thrilled! Not having to do both Silver and SS sequencing :heart_eyes: