Unconventional Atlas Gold II team looking for glory-farmers - attack any castle you like

Hi there,

“Fourhorsmen” is a gold II team, which has been revived and is thriving again.

If you are looking for an atlas team to farm glory feel free to join, we offer:

  • no rules whatsoever

  • no alliances, attack any castle you like without thinking twice

  • no team castle, nothing to lose - everything to gain

  • no gold tax

  • no event requirements, however non-contributors will be replaced

  • auto accept on

//excuse the horrible team name. cant change it tho haha



bump :smiley:

@foosun is this something for your team?

team filling up, already at 23/50 :slight_smile: come get your glory spot :smiley:

Hi @WingmanArie! :wave::smile:

Thanks for highlighting this thread. Unfortunately this is not something I’m looking for. Thanks again! :smile:

I can imagine you want something else than this, I wouldn’t join either this kind of atlas teams. Unfortunately this is the fastest way to get the rewarding atlas and stop holding you and your team members there progress. :weary:

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update: 48/50!
if you want lots of glory come join us now! :wink:


I can attest this is a team with a good core of players that is growing fast. Come join the fun.

Had a friend that went there for a few hours to blow off steam after he hit an ally which the FoF told him wasn’t an ally because the bot hadn’t updated and was forced to pay. Said it was probably the most fun he had on atlas and the officers were very open about letting him come and go as he pleased. No better team to blow off some steam. :joy:

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we just entered gold2, come join this movement and enjoy this huge glory farming opportubnity! :slight_smile: nearly all inactive players that need replacement are gone, last chance to get a safe spot! dont miss it!

already got 7 lvl 300+ accounts and 3 more 400+ coming in 2 days. come join us its fun here. were ascending through the leagues, soon in plat :smiley:

Come join us were dominating Gold II right now, soon in Gold I :wink:

nice to see someone with ambition. good hunting.

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