Understanding Alliance? Not so much

I’ve noticed that most castles in Atlas are owned by a small handful of extremely large alliances. Is there some kind of trick to the alliance thing. The only insights I ever find is it’s all politics which I get kind of. Curious though if anyone has tips on how to engage with the larger alliances or even find who’s aligned with who.

So before the 4.9 change, there are basically 3 big alliances: dread, NMO, and bwab/DC. Those alliances extended all the way down to platinum teams and if you stepped on a plat teams toes that was in one of the alliances, it didn’t usually end well.

With the 4.9 changes, it is very likely that those teams that don’t own a T4 will no longer be on one of those alliances, why? There’s nothing in it for them anymore. Previously they could help the larger teams out by being meat shields (trapping higher level players and either not getting hit bc they’re 2% glory or if they do get hit, they get 100% revives) or killing the other alliances meat shields. In return they were able to purchase castles from the big alliance.
Now since they’re 100% glory on T4/T5 land and take 40% perma losses, it’s only a matter of time when they say no, they aren’t going to be meat shields.

I think t3/t2 teams will start to just stick with their 5ta teams and maybe a few other friendly teams, making it a lot less complicated when attacking others.


Thanks. That seems to be a leveler.

From the perspective of a Platinum team (only speaking for myself):

Being a meat shield sucks, especially now that we’re more vulnerable to tangible losses in the process. It’s really not fun at all to revive a prime and march towards certain defeat over and over and over. However, if we can still count on our stronger counterparts to help save our castle if we are under siege by a stronger team, I think it’s still a worthwhile trade-off, depending of course, on how much help is required and offered on either side.


What if one of the alliances was actually made up of people trying to just be friendly and help each-other rather than being “gold / level 5 hungry” or flat out “bored” like a couple of the other “big” alliances.

I mean… one of the leading teams for one of the big alliances single handily mailed every single member of every team that showed up for a 2 million troop + fight with threats. I’ve received one myself before. What would possess an alliance to do that? What would make being a part of that alliance worth while?

Isn’t this game supposed to be more about the community and not bullying each-other?

If you’re looking for an alliance, i’d suggest steering clear of anyone casually using the term “meat-shield”.

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This is the first thing that comes to mind:

You would think. But no. Anonymity generally brings out the worst in people; there is no real accountability or consequence for threatening, bullying, trash talking, etc. Hell, even the forums are mostly used to argue, brag, or belittle.


One could only dream… all i know is this mess has been happening meanwhile no one at PG has done a thing. I’ve got my own tinfoil hat conspiracies about atlas that i’m sure i’d get flak for if said publicly but with each release that goes by my conspiracies become more of a reality.

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My popcorn is ready :eyes:

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What kind of salt would you like?

Do you have any of that cheddar seasoning? I’m very intrigued to learn more. I’ve seen my share of underhanded stuff and am looking for perspectives now.

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Post up the screen shots

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I’m with you Cam on alliance thoughts. Perhaps I will construct my own lol. NMO tore us apart because a group from one of our alliance teams joined them and they took all of our castles. SMH. Lol

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