Understanding War Dragons - Improving Loading Screen Tips


Greetings Dragon Lords!

We’re always looking to improve our users’ experience with War Dragons, both by providing a fun and engaging game but also by ensuring that game is easy to understand. With that in mind, I’m looking to expand upon our existing loading screen tips to provide both helpful and relevant information for players of all skill and experience levels.

My question to all of you:

What memorable experiences do you have with War Dragons where you felt something wasn’t explained sufficiently?

For me personally, it took quite a while to understand that destroying monuments and boats during Dragon attacks actually gave you loot!

I want to hear all of your thoughts regarding this topic. Nothing is too simple a subject to be confused about. If you’re struggling to understand something, it’s our responsibility to help clarify as much as possible.



The new player experience, and the current state of Gold League
Add Breeding Paths as a tab to the Breeding Castle. Brainstorming Ideas

U should make a video tutorial which shows how to defend a base. How to use the hammer, shield etc. tutorials like the dragon spells (short video),

I got this question a lot, from my viewers.

That would be perfect for new player, who didnt know how to use them.


Where to get the evo stone for Ember. If you could create a chatbot that automatically answers that question in LC, that would be good too.


That’s an excellent idea! Is there a particular place you’d expect such a video to appear during the tutorial/early parts of the game?


This was a post made by Joseph (pretty sure) on the old forum well over a year ago I’m sure, the player base did a very good job of giving new tips that fit in the allotted typing space. There was a decent bit of effort put into it just to have none of the things actually used as the update to the tips never happened.

Perhaps we can just pull up that post and reference it?

I believe their was also a podcast from @Lx460 where they discussed this, he may some helpful things to post


The only place for that would be maybe at forge. When the player clicks on the defens hammer icon. Its possible to add a button on the left side, which show the tutorial of how to use it.


Actually, I think it was campuslifer who posted about it.


I’d say that the summary on the official war dragons site about the spells should be updated, easily linked in game so that you can review as a new player. Especially with the amount that there are now. Tool tip could say go to setting, dragon abilities to see more.

Dragon Abilities


The official spells page is definitely out of date. Dumping the entire spells list onto new players may be a bit overwhelming, however. It’s that careful balance between showing players the depth the game offers and information overload. Do you feel the current spell tutorials (in game) offer enough explanation as to what the spells do?


They do but I like to see a wiki list I can run though. I visit the site to look at those spells and be good to have availiable in game seeing as it affects the game. You could break down the spells into dragon tiers maybe. Or make the tutorials be seen from the breeding cave if you tap the spell.


Can we remove the “tip” that says to keep building more towers? :joy:
The one about divine dragons could use an update also

RE defense tools: This definitely needs to be explained somewhere. Even I initially tried tapping them expecting something to happen


I definitely agree that base defending needs to be better explained to players. There’s a lot of good quality-of-life changes to existing tips to make. Perhaps one discussing the pros and cons of building more towers versus improving your existing towers?


Yes definitely. Don’t expand too quickly.

Also I think something about how important it is to find a good team that will help you.



Tips: Do not build BALLISTA :joy::rofl:

Ballista towers need a change

Yep, found it -

Anything along the lines of don’t level your base past your dragons’ strength; make sure that you can defeat bases at your level and ideally above your level. (Fail at wording \o/)

  1. When you cast cloak, projectile will disappear.

I thought cloak was a sh*t spell before finding this out with Ettin…

  1. Mage towers locked down will lose their abilities, frozen towers still retain them.

Yeah, well, basically a better spell description will help as suggested in previous posts :slight_smile:


There are a couple off the top of my head, the defense suggestion earlier is spot on. I recently had to explain base defense to a Mid 100s level player.

Other ideas would be explaining xp and how it works. Many new players expect that they would get more xp from joining a higher level players run and we know this is untrue. There is no explanation of “Max XP/XP Cap” for newer players and no real way to figure out what your max xp is without simply scrolling High level bases in matchmaking and seeing where you cap out.

I know we already have a Tip that mentions One dragon and one teammate but that is still confusing to many players. I have needed to resort to 1 Drag = 100% xp, 2 Drag = 50% xp each, 3 Drag = 33% xp each.

That is not to mention the people who still believe 70% base destruction = 100% xp gain. That is how it was a long time ago but that was changed. Players are still being fed that misinformation. I have also heard, “You need to leave a couple towers for your teammates dragon to kill otherwise they don’t get much xp” No idea where that thought came from but it is untrue as well.

Another area to consider would be Resource gains. I have been told that you get less resources from a run if you don’t kill the farms. I don’t know if that one is true but from what I have seen you get full res after 70% destruction regardless of which towers you kill. The only change to res received is if someone else hits the base before you or the player uses/transfers res during your run.

Wars : Some people believe you lose less tokens in a war if your team plays dead. If you attempt to attack an overwhelming enemy or defend against them than the team will lose more tokens than if they simply didn’t participate. I have not found that to be true either.

Not sure if these are the types of suggestions you wanted but they came to mind when reading your post.


I don’t know if it’s true or not but I usually got more resources than advertised (except in fortifications event :sweat_smile:) and the gain was sometimes so significant that I assumed it was farms. If your target is sitting on full storage and full farm and you attack them, you not only get the full resources you aimed for and a good amount more from the very little protected farms. But 70% of any base will still give you the full resources you deserve as advertised when you attack unless someone attack it first.

On the subject of resources, can we do something about resources protected by a production boost? The extra protection is not taken into account in matchmaking, thus showing more resources and usually ending up as wasted flight.
Maybe add a tip about it for the player to be cautious about protection boost not showing the correct amount of resources especially during resources-related event, or take into account the protection boost in matchmaking resources calculation.

Edit reason : big misinformation due to inattention.


Not in my experience. I need at minimum 98% of the base I normally hit for max xp. (Base is MUCH higher level than me) 70% doesnt get me anywhere close.

Edit: Understandable typo. I do it all the time too. I was confused. :blush: