Undying will defense?


So this last PvP exposed a weakness of my setup (cue the vultures to start swarming). Since I had several hundred opportunities to watch a single player with Itzani fly against my base, I noticed he could avoid any attempt at rage drain, sand my front towers then as a normal dragon would have simply become a carcass lying in the dirt, he took advantage of his undying will (borrowed time - like) passive to take rest of mages or my fire flak out.

I have moved my towers around many times to try and have some effect on this and I know I shouldn’t worry about one dragon but how the heck do you counter him? I have one ice flak but that super shot doesn’t seem to end undying will like I had hoped.

I guess the good news is he never five flamed me but he could pretty consistently remove my base’s teeth and clean up with one of several dragons.

Thoughts, advice appreciated. I looked through all the threads I could find (and are now closed) going back to when he was announced as the swamp witch or whatever.

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that‘s how it works - i love itzi

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I saw that, repeatedly…

Until it was burned into my retinas due to that GD event of misery.

So I can put you down for a “nothing you can do”?



Unless you can upgrade towers or gear for more health, probably not. Maybe use a storm tower for protection or dark flak for stun :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Since my dark flak is up front that gets sanded.

The one thing I haven’t tried is to put my kill 5 at the back of my long but that goes against everything I thought I knew.

Not enough embers for another flak


That is what terrible fliers do. They sand the blue, then kill the other key 1 or 2 towers and use a follower.

It’s also what makes me not enjoy Itzani flying against me.


The added health from my earth flak + hammer spam does the trick, depending on how strong the offending Itz is. But other than that, theres not much you can do. The Itz/Jorm combo is really hard to beat, and it works on almost any setup.

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