Undying will defense?

So this last PvP exposed a weakness of my setup (cue the vultures to start swarming). Since I had several hundred opportunities to watch a single player with Itzani fly against my base, I noticed he could avoid any attempt at rage drain, sand my front towers then as a normal dragon would have simply become a carcass lying in the dirt, he took advantage of his undying will (borrowed time - like) passive to take rest of mages or my fire flak out.

I have moved my towers around many times to try and have some effect on this and I know I shouldn’t worry about one dragon but how the heck do you counter him? I have one ice flak but that super shot doesn’t seem to end undying will like I had hoped.

I guess the good news is he never five flamed me but he could pretty consistently remove my base’s teeth and clean up with one of several dragons.

Thoughts, advice appreciated. I looked through all the threads I could find (and are now closed) going back to when he was announced as the swamp witch or whatever.

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that‘s how it works - i love itzi


I saw that, repeatedly…

Until it was burned into my retinas due to that GD event of misery.

So I can put you down for a “nothing you can do”?


Unless you can upgrade towers or gear for more health, probably not. Maybe use a storm tower for protection or dark flak for stun :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Since my dark flak is up front that gets sanded.

The one thing I haven’t tried is to put my kill 5 at the back of my long but that goes against everything I thought I knew.

Not enough embers for another flak

That is what terrible fliers do. They sand the blue, then kill the other key 1 or 2 towers and use a follower.

It’s also what makes me not enjoy Itzani flying against me.


The added health from my earth flak + hammer spam does the trick, depending on how strong the offending Itz is. But other than that, theres not much you can do. The Itz/Jorm combo is really hard to beat, and it works on almost any setup.

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You can defend it either by having enough hp + fire flak super to hammer spam, or by having 2 kill islands.

There is no way to strip the spell. It is possible to throw up a storm/earth flak at the right time.

Basically there are more and more dragons that really make having a micro base not ideal. I’m advising more people to switch away from a short island and to a middle long.

I itz isn’t geared or big enough it dies just fine. Skilled fliers can do a ton more than undying will could ever touch. Although it’s not too hard to master the double blink + sand.

At what tower level would you suggest this? 65ish?

(just realized you said tower and not base level)
You should start when the xp of the kill island is not enough to push your base to the next milestone. From there you will see that you need to start upgrading an additional tower. You can’t reach 300 with just 5,you start leveling the 6th. And then a 7th. Around 400 you are in 8th maxed if I remember correctly

I’m at tower lvl 72 and lvl386. According to Mech’s calculator 1 kill island of 80’s will leave me just short of lvl400. So I guess next building event it’s time to go to a long middle kill island. Relevance to this topic? Undying will keeps letting people take my kill island.

I moved to middle long with towers at 65 because at that point (I’m 360 now) I had 7 towers at level 65. This made it more awkward to try using a microbase set up, and I was also noticing that dragons like Ronin chew through micros a lot easier than middle longs. Stopping undying will on a micro base is also a lot harder. You have to hope you have three defenders that can hammer spam. (I did it once when I was smaller against a really BAD Itz pilot in a war. Managed to keep some of the kill island a live by sacrificing a ton of hammers… and the Itz was the back up so lead attacker quit.)

The one thing I’d be certain of before moving to the middle long set up is that the perch on island 6 is high enough level to take your best defensive gear dragon on it. In my case I was using Meh and had both perches at lvl 31 so moving was really easy.

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Yeah, that perch is upgraded. From a time when I just upgraded for levels like a fool.

I hate this spell with a passion, as it rewards poor flying. Not the first time I’ve said this about it either. But I agree flag. Annoys me to no end when itz’s sand 2 towers then die and take out 3 towers.


It’s not really level based so much as black pearls based.

I’d have people build from the start this way and only unlock the middle perch rather than seagazer perch. You can still adhere to micro size and expand out, but you have the choice to move your farms back rather than moving your primary kill island to a short island. It also allows you to use a totem without robing you of a combat tower.

If you are thinking of moving, build up the middle perch to be high enough to support your current perch dragon. If it’s a sapphire mythic, I believe it only needs to be 31. You have the choice of going to a lower tier if you have an appropriate dragon, but you definitely want to keep your gear. (Meaning same element) But you most likely want a warrior and ideally a mythic. Only when you can move your gear/dragon would I move towers. And yes dont forget about tower runes. Most aren’t too important but if you have any flak runes you may want to use rubies to move them.


Basically Itzani was made so people could be bad at flying, but since its a hunter, it made them feel like they weren’t since the spellsets were so OP.


Um you can’t get 80s before 400…


Can’t even get them before 410.

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Most stupid spell ever. 6 seconds with fast reload…

6s with normal reload I get. Or 3seconds with fast reload. Not both.

Better still just get rid of the spell. You dead, you dead.

That was my point. I have to do something different than a micro base with only 5 maxed towers + farms/mills