Undying will will will will will will will will. . .

It’s very common video I am going to share.

This attack was for war, and they got 5 flames.
Time lag? Cheat?

I think your question is about the viability of the second dragon also carrying on with undying will?

Well when Itz dies, it does appear that the follower dragon also gets undying will. Probably a problem.

You can see fairly easily that the heal is cast during the “carry over undying will” phase on pathox, and thus the dragon heals on the attackers screen but the dying animation should already be queue’d on the defenders screen, hence the defender seeing the “invisible dragon”.

It appears he hit spectral, not heal. So ignore the above

did you ask whomever was defending what they could see on thier screen at the time? Maybe they can offer more insight. Could just be a visual glitch from the replay… or its a cheat. It is EC afterall.


Has happened while i defended before magic dragons haha, thats how it shows on the defense


Its a bug cause this is of this past winter


This is the different situation.
The second dragon was dead completely.
How could you protect it from the dragon which does never die?

This is a defense i was defending this but it shows “battle rejected “

And we loose the war for 2 defenses xD

I have a video of somebody attacking me I kinda made fun of it

https://youtu.be/15-Ee3hPMdw I had to do I always laugh when I see my video

Yep, it was like that.
Both difenders were looking at it…

:man_shrugging: Magic Dragons?

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