Unearthed Champion Line

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Should be able to. Believe that was mentioned in the official thread.

Quick question — will someone who has all three riders still be able to max out (Level 60) for all three by completing this line? Asking as I just noticed the rider tokens are different for Sophia.

I’m wandering the same thing

Not true. To max only Sophia need do the whole branch.

I agree you should and that was announced as such too. But as the branch is now, it looks like you actually can’t.

I would recommend making Sophia your sorcerer rider and to ignore the branch completely.


What do u mean, don’t both taking Sophia to lvl 60 ? Surely for the last 10 levels the entire branch is not required. Was there not a warning saying only redeemed the shards you need which implied the entire branch is not needed .

Yes the whole branch is, in fact, required.

There was. Apparently that was incorrect / copy paste from earlier branches where this was true.

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Don’t answer that - rant over

Worth a shot, implementation different from official announcement. Generally, this makes requesting a refund a reasonable request.

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