Unearthed radiant evolution stone

Not sure if this is just a bug since the radiant tier was just released, but the radiant evolution stone isn’t showing up in the dragon training menu even though I claimed the stone. The last stone I can see is the monarch one.


Did you try swipping up on the list of stones?

We cant anyway use it, PG blocks it by Den level :see_no_evil:

Not showing for me, either. Mine is level 144. Maybe it shows when you hit 145.

Only mithyc telment can evolving to radiant
Sorry for my English

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No he cant evolve yet either its blocked by PG with Den level.

Pretty sure they’re not saying they can currently evolve to radiant but that only the mythic versions will have the ability to further evolve while the legendary will stay at monarch.


I think you’ll need to ascend your dragon first for the radiant stone to show up.


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