Unearthed Season Wave 1 - Official Discussion Thread

Check out all the details for the upcomming Summer Season here: New Dragons are Unearthed!

What do you think of the new Dragons?

  • I dig em!
  • Not groundbreaking, but i’m here for it

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3 trading posts? Niceeeee


Underwhelmed by the portraits. :pensive:

Everything else: meh. It is what it is. I don’t find any of it super compelling, unfortunately. :confused:


Exotic rune/glyph of reconnaissance??? :relieved::relieved::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Edit: :roll_eyes::unamused:

Think you messed up with the warrior’s runes

had a lot of new content to add - had small mix up with runes, fixing


Just checking

  • So we again lose our legendary dragon when we ascend it to mythic and dont receive any compensation for losing it?
  • The legendary version is once again required to claim a mythic? Meaning if I have 20 keys but didn’t claim the legendary then those keys cant be used to get a mythic dragon?
  • Are the evolution stones for the asceding dragons going to be generic again for the 3 dragons or will they be dragon specific like they used to be. Ie could I claim the legendary sorcerer line for the portrait and then use the stones from that line to level up the hunter?
  • Again we cant pick which secondary stat we want for our dragon’s runes/glyphs?

There is only the 1 full tower branch listed, does that mean the 2nd one has been removed? It would be really nice if we could get the electrum or Oculus branch with fort week 2 for those of us who dont want to have to wait until week 6 to claim their mythic. Please let us know about this ahead of time since this majorly impacts people’s seasons and what they go for early on. Is anything happening to the regular electrum line (previously called the Archmage line) which had high timers and gold chests. Or to the Oculus line (which had lower timers and chests and higher electrums).

What is the situation with the champion rider branch’s prizes? Are they still gutted out and all changed to gold chests or will it be restored next season?

What prizes are we losing from the dragon and tower lines for those electrums to be added? Are chests or timers being cut to make room for them?

I dont understand the idea behind Dominate Thoughts. 6s cooldown on a 2s freeze that has a rage cost.


ok all fixed - had some last minute changes so a couple graphs got brought over incorrectly. all good!

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Oehhh warrior attack

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Just kidding. No offense.

Umm is this a mistake? Why would tier 21 tower levels be coming out before the tier comes out?


Lowkey most excited for Pyrrot :joy:


You said the dragons go to monarch. Will they go to the new tier as well or just monarch?



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looking into it (the timing)


I was wondering how a parrot fits in with the underground theme, but apparently there are parrots that burrow. Who knew :man_shrugging:


Is something wrong with the invoker both it’s legendary and mythic spell kits are exactly the same thought it was supposed to be a little stronger

The legendary ones go to monarch, m ur big goes to tier 21

Ice thorn 4s cool-down vs ice spin 2 s cooldown

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Thank you. Summer usually has 2 forts with no new towerlevels which we look forward to so that we can work on new towers. So 147s shouldnt come out until the first week of Fall