Unearthed Spell Rider Aithne - Discussion Thread

Official discussion thread for Spell Rider Aithne.

Spell Rider info: Spell Rider Aithne is Unearthed!


Umm can we please get an explanation of what the triple spell damage and double healing means. Because if it sounds like what it is you just made Barbend literally unkillable


:poodle: Spell Rider Aithne :dog2:
The rider’s spell is Rising Phoenix family.

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Resurrection from Aster

The phoenix like spell


Oh wait that is the healing and damage of the rider spell. For some reason I thought they went insane and it was a separate skill. As in any healing the dragon got was doubled.
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Ok, yeah that’s a disappointing rider. I was planning to claim it but I’ll pass
Also why yet another HP based warrior rider when warriors haven’t been HP focused for a couple years?


will add these to the official post! awesome!

So if by some chance defenders are able to take down one of the several stupidly OP dragons that are relevant today, it’s just going to come back to life.

Congratulations on making this game even more brain dead. At this point we might as well all play candy crush, there is no skill involved in war dragons


Mehhh nah is just phoenix

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So the actual important question, does the bulldog get to ride on the dragon when this rider is bonded? Any answer other than absolutely yes and we riot


I didn’t even see a dog on the picture until after you pointed it out! I’m guessing that you are either a detective and don’t miss a detail or you are a descendent of Sherlock Holmes.

Im that person who in a crowded room can instantly spot the cat or dog and will go spend time with it instead of being around the people :joy:


I thought invokers primary stat was HP and not attack? All my invoker specific runes / glyphs have HP on them.

This spell was always hard to pull off unless you could spam it (twice)

But I think this spell rider could be interesting for Barbend and Zahhak both of whom have strong healing if the flyer can master death timing.

Zahak in particular could have quite a potent ressurection “whack” with his massive hp pool. He is also quite a simple dragon to fly so monitoring health wont be too hard

Barbend has a lot going on and trying to monitor health as well as his rotation might exceed my thoughts per second capabilities :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that explosion damage base HP or modifed? 2.1bn explosion damage on Zah seems pretty nice if its modified - thats bout 68% of a 3.1bn towers health.

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There have been a few atk based invokers. I think Nam and Sho both had invoker attack runes.

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PUPPY!!! :heart_eyes:


Cheers Ducks that makes sense. I usually can’t fly invokers so I don’t nornally get them. Zah was Breakbeat friendly :smiley:

It would be nice if they could just switch the invoker and warrior boosts. Most invokers do have HP based spells and warriors are all attack based now.

Im the same, never liked invokers. Only one I ever flew and liked was Naja but she ended up getting set aside because I didn’t have the patience to fly that slowly during pvps. I just do not enjoy them.


Okay, I feel super dumb today.

So, you cast the spell when it’s about to die, it dies while the spell is on and it comes back to life for 2 seconds?

Or, it comes back to life within the 2 second spell duration and then it can go as long as it can go with the health it gets on revive and as long as you can continue to keep it up?

EDIT: Thanks, Ru! :hugs:

It comes back to life after the spell ends (after 2 seconds). It will have Like 20% or whatever of it’s HP that they said once it comes back

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Dog slowly becoming more curious of it’s surroundings …