Unearthed (summer 2022) sigil lines spreadsheet

A bit later than usual but it’s here, the new sigil sheet. Not much changed from last season really, except the nasty little trap node at the end of the dragon lines, avoid that one.

I also added total cost for ascension tokens this time, people kept asking :joy:


Thank you very much for continuing to do this for us! :blue_heart:

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Been waiting for this. Thanks so much for making this every season. Ib reference multiple times a season for myself and teammates.

Missed the 12 nodes that give 2.7k electrum bars for the ascending dragon lines.

So instead of 5k electrum we now get 37.4k electrum per line.


Whoops, I’ll go have a look!

edit: You are absolutely correct, added the electrum to the sheet, and did a quick hack to make them show up in the summary.


Thanks for the tally total sigil cost for ascension tokens!!!:watermelon:


Thanks a ton for making this Morreion! :heart:

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Thanks as always. And the ascension cost breakdown is awesome!

Added the champion rider branch. A few token platinum chests have been added, but the value of the line is still very very poor compared to before.

For comparison, all the chests from the past 3 champion lines:

  • Winter: 190 gold, 33 plat, 25 drac (total ruby value: 125.600)
  • Spring: 85 gold, 0 plat, 0 drac (total ruby value: 34.000)
  • Summer: 72 gold, 25 plat, 0 drac (total ruby value: 58.800)

The spring and summer did add some 15 days, 8k embers and 16k electrum, but that hardly makes up for the massive loss of chests. A line to avoid still, as it currently stands.

Considering the riders are “ok-ish” at best, and Sophia is a fine sorcerer rider without needing any new levels, I struggle to think of a reason why anyone would get this.


I was Greatly relieved to see this appear. It has helped me plan this season. Many thanks for your devotion.

I guess PG lied. Again.


I saw that reply too so I started claiming the branch.Until after first rider node the gold chests went massively down.

I almost got scammed.hahahaha

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Well, I waited. :grin: So I am safe this time.

I did tell my family about PG increasing the chests amount back to original with the link to that very reply post, but I also told them NOT to trust them entirely and check the amount before they start claiming anything from the champion riders branch.

Let’s hope those last few elderly family members to read the family group chat before they do anything. :joy:

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Added the temporary Exotic Glyph line. Also added it to the summary, because that’s now a bit easier to do.

And it looks pretty good. The exotic glyph is good if you use archmages, or might in the future. All of the nodes offer at least ok value in resources, and the ember and electrum nodes are very very good value. Also you get two keys and an ascension token for free, instead of having to pay extra for them like in previous seasons. All in all a very desirable line.


Thanks Morreion, I agree, that one seems useful finally :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Fingers crossed…

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I like this new format - hope it becomes a regular season inclusion.

Added the resurrection line, looks like no changes from last season


Will you be adding the new tower line or is it the same contents as another one?

I will add it, but it’s manual work and it only came out yesterday close to midnight my time :grin:


Thanks so much for doing this for us, just a quick question… is there an updated unearthed sigil spreadsheet that includes the new tower line?

Oops, sorry, I just saw that Fiery had asked the same Q🤣

Did a quick comparison with Spring tower line … look to be the same but with a slight increase in electrum amounts